Making Your New Place Feel More Like a Home

Moving to a new house, apartment or condo can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you’re relocating to a new city. Even though you’re bringing your personal belongings, the newness of the structure and location can make it feel impersonal and even empty at first. What’s more, what worked in your previous home may not be the right fit in this one. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make your new place feel comfortable, relaxing and even familiar. When you’re unpacking, make sure to utilize this basic checklist to help you make your space a home.

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Love to Celebrate? 4 Holiday Decorations You Can Easily Make

Do you celebrate the holidays but find it hard to come up with easy ways to decorate? Many people have trouble with this but there are a few easy decorating tips that can help you out for your next holiday. These tips will get you decorating in record time but will make you look like you are a pro.

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4 Things to Consider When Revamping the Master Bedroom

You likely spend at least eight hours each night in your home’s master bedroom, so it is important to have a place that is inviting and beautiful. To create a master bedroom that is more attractive and comfortable, here are four things that you should consider.

Wall Paint and Decor

The first things that you notice in a master bedroom are the colors of the walls and the wall decor. Experts suggest selecting a relaxing and pale color such as light blue, green or pink rather than having intense colors. Select a type of paint that is easy to wash so that you can keep your master bedroom clean and free of odors. You can augment the walls with wallpaper edging and artwork. To promote restful sleep, select artwork such as paintings or photographs that help you to relax and feel calmer at night.

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8 DIY Natural Bug Repellent Remedies

Summer breezes are something to never miss out on. Opening all the windows in your home to catch that summer breeze sounds wonderful, and it very much is! The one bummer about leaving all the windows and doors open is you may not only be welcoming in the summer air. Summertime is also known for the rise of pesky pests and creepy crawlers, no thank you!

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A Guide About Bathroom Vanities


When one is designing a new space which is none other than a very private corner of the bathroom, one should ascertain it’s equally it functional. To ensure a killer combination of functionality and beauty, one must be aware of the different types of bathroom vanities.

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Live in a Desert? 4 Home Updates to Make for a Hot Climate

Living in the desert can be both easy and difficult. Yes, the summers can become unbearably hot—and you will need access to cooler temperatures via staying indoors and with air conditioning. At the same time, there are many benefits to living in the desert as well. For instance, the lack of moisture means a lower probability of mold in the air and in your home.

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5 Easy Fun to Make DIY Projects to Brighten Your Home

It is yet again at that time to pull some creativity. Gather around friends, family or some people in your circle for some fun DIY projects. Making your home brighter is also improving your lifestyle. Do it Yourself projects are easy to do, and many will not cost a dime. They involve rearranging or polishing what you already have, cleaning, repainting, etc. Others involve creating, replacing or purchasing a few items. These are some of the best DIY projects that will be able to try from time to time to brighten up your home.

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4 Overlooked Steps to Plan before Starting a Renovation

Starting a renovation is an exciting process, but be sure to plan thoroughly before you pick up a hammer. This process can be expensive and messy. Take care to get your tools and supplies in place before you start. Also consider the four tips below to make your renovation run smoothly.

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3 Safety Precautions to Take for DIY Home Repairs

Many homeowners love to do their own repair work around the house. It might be a money-saving strategy, or maybe just the desire to exercise or learn a skill. Whatever your reason, you always need to look out for your own safety. Here are three safety precautions to keep in mind on DIY repairs.

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