Furnace Not Working? These Could Be Possible Reasons

The weather has turned rogue.

It’s snowing, and everything is white.

You cannot go outside.

What does this mean? It means that you do not have to get out of your cozy bed, and you can enjoy the warmth of your house all-day-long. Yay!

Now, you’re trying to light the furnace, but it is not happening. Your home is no better than the weather outside. Bummer!

The furnace is the central heating system of your home. It maintains the temperature of your house during winter by blowing warm air that will circulate the house. However, a furnace that is not well-maintained can cause severe distress. It is in the best interest of a homeowner to adhere to the consistent upkeep of a furnace.

While there are various reasons why it may not be working, keep in mind that it may be time to replace your home’s furnace

Here are a list of things to check to see if your furnace still has any life left in it:

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat regulates temperature by ensuring that the desired degree of heat blows in the home. If it fails, it will not be able to prompt the furnace to warm up the air as usual. This issue does not require a lot of hassle and can be fixed easily.

You may have to thoroughly check the components to figure out what is impeding the functionality of the appliance. If you have determined that the furnace thermostat is not functioning, you have to get it replaced. Sometimes, the thermostat stops working due to faulty parts. In that case, you can search online for ‘furnace parts near me to find shops that are close to your house because the last thing you’d want in this weather is a long and agonizing journey to get parts for your thermostat.

Clogged Filters

Filters have the task of purifying the air that circulates your home. Since they prevent dust particles from passing through, they accumulate dust over time. To ensure that the HVAC system keeps functioning correctly, you must clean up the dirty air filters.

You can even replace these components easily as the installation process is simple. If air released from the heating system at home has a bad odor, the filters are to be blamed. Apart from that, the clogged filter can cause overheating, which will damage other components of the furnace. 

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The furnace blower directs air from the return ducts towards the heat exchanger. It is here where the cold air will be reheated and then sent back. Moreover, this device redirects harmful gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide towards the chimney. 

The heat exchanger deteriorates faster if it is overheated. The exchanger might end up with ‘stress cracks’ which can negatively impact the functionality of the furnace. Since the heat exchanger has complex making, replacing it always prudent as compared to repairing it. 

Faulty or Dirty Ignition Sensor

If your furnace refuses to fire up, but you can hear a click, you should check the ignition sensor. This part could be both faulty and dirty and requires your attention.

Clean furnaces once a month to eliminate issues with this heating appliance. While newer models have an electric ignition system, older models still have pilot light sensors. 

Since an issue with the ignition sensor disrupts the operations of a furnace, you may want to get it checked.

Wear and Tear

The average life of a furnace is estimated to be about 10 or 15 years. Therefore, if you have a furnace for more than a decade, it might have worn out. Now is the time for you to consider investing in a new one.

According to national data, ‘the average cost for a replacement can be anywhere from $1,795 to $6,290.’ Different types of furnaces can work through energy sources like propane, natural gas, and electricity. So you need to get one that suits your needs the best.

You should take professional help to determine which furnace can be the best buy. Buying a new furnace has a silver lining since modern appliances are more energy-efficient. It will certainly save you some dollars. 

Furnace Blower Stops Working Properly

Did you know that consistent oiling can extend the life of a furnace? The furnace blower needs to be oiled once a year. Therefore, you should be a prudent homeowner and make sure that all elements of the HVAC system are well-maintained. 

The primary function of a blower is to distribute warm air throughout the home. Do check for the flashing light, which should be either red or green. Green indicates that the furnace is functioning, while red means you need to call a professional for service. If there is no light, there could be a problem with an essential component like the blower motor or the furnace control board.

Obstructed Vents

If you suspect that your room is not heated correctly, do check the vents. If something is blocking the vents, it will limit the effectiveness of the HVAC system. Have a close look at all the vents and ensure there is no blockage. You should also check the damper which may be closed. While this issue sounds trivial, it is one of the most common reasons why people think the furnace stopped working.

You should never forget to clear the way for the vents. How else would air be able to flow in your home?

Frequent Cycling

If the furnace cycles between ‘on’ and ‘off,’ there is something wrong with the appliance. This situation may require further investigation. If you feel like the heat in your home is just not enough, you could be a victim of frequent cycling.

The reasons for it could vary from clogged air filters to issues with the thermostat. Consider contacting a technician who can diagnose the problem and resolve it. 

If the central heating system is out of place, there will be a disrupted heat flow at your home. Don’t overlook cycling as it is a symptom of an underlying problem with the furnace.

Final Thoughts

A furnace can save your day in cold winter weather. They should be taken care of. If you even get a slightest of hint that the furnace is not working correctly, call a professional. Pronto! These reasons can range from faulty components to dirty filters.

If there is an issue with your furnace, check it carefully to determine the best course of action. You might need to replace a component yourself, call a repair professional, or have to install a new furnace altogether. 


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