How To Create A Great Team Culture

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Among the many reasons someone will decide to work for a company is whether they believe they will be able to grow and thrive successfully within their role. While salary is definitely something people consider when looking for a job, the main attraction is fitting in at the workplace. A focal element that stands as a motivational factor to choose and stay within a company is the organizational culture. The environment created in an organization feeds down into the individual teams. Team culture can become a key determinant of your ability to work effectively in a company. Focusing on developing a great team culture will not only motivate your team to work to their best potential but also attract a greater pool of valuable candidates to apply for the company. These are some tips to create a great team culture within your workplace.

Core values

The first step to creating the optimal team culture is by developing a list of strong core values that your team will abide by. In the hiring process and in day-to-day activities make sure that the values are effectively communicated through various dissemination channels and will be visible to your team. Using a combination of both digital and physical promotional material can stand as a daily reminder to yourself and your team. Ensure that you create company core values that are suitable and align with the overarching mission and vision of your company.

Employee participation

To build a positive team culture, you will need to provide your team with opportunities for participation. Promoting employee participation will instigate greater access to ideas and innovation, improving the project’s process and product. This will also enhance communication within the team as members will be empowered to voice their opinions or discuss any potential issues. Ways to increase employee participation include scheduling frequent group meetings, investing in a sticky-note pin-board, and creating online discussion forums. You can also increase a voice among your team by promoting greater autonomy and responsibility. Also, you can incentivize them to participate in activities by buying bulk gift cards and offering them on different occasions.

Social accountability and liability

It is integral to get to know your team members on an individual level. Being highly acquainted with one another can immediately create social and emotional accountability where employees will feel liable to complete their tasks. Strengthen the commitment through team bonding activities where employees can learn about each other’s personal skills and hobbies that can lead to the specification of their roles. Such activities can involve team lunches, mindfulness exercises, and team sports activities.

Diversity and inclusion

A major consideration that candidates and employees highly value is the level of diversity and inclusion of a company. Not only can diversity be exhibited within work teams but also throughout the entire company process and operations, including the recruitment process, accessibility within the workplace, and creating diversity initiatives. Your company can also embrace diversity by organizing ‘multicultural days’ where each employee can represent their ethnicity, whilst sharing and engaging with other cultures, celebrating the differences and similarities in ethnicities. A diverse workforce means that the company can benefit from higher levels of innovation as well as capitalize on the unique strengths of the diverse work team. Making your team feel welcomed and valued as an individual, will strengthen their ability to work to their greatest potential, working in a safe and supportive environment.

Recognition and achievement

An effective way to foster a positive and strong team culture is through acknowledgment of effort. By clearly communicating the positive work that your team has contributed, they will feel that their contributions are of value and are on the right path. Recognition will encourage greater determination and motivation which will then lead to higher levels of productivity. Offering both intrinsic and extrinsic incentives is also an effective way of strengthening a collaborative team bond. Rather than monetary incentives, you can offer a cruise, snow, or zoo trip as a reward for attaining team targets. As much as you provide support and encouraging words, it is also important to provide your team with valuable feedback for improvement.

Regardless of the type of industry or organization of your company, creating a great team culture is essential to creating a more effective and efficient workplace. Which tips will you use to develop a strong positive culture for your team?


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