A Sinking Feeling: 4 Ways to Clean Out a Clogged Drain

We’ve all experienced the day ruining, unmistakable sound of a burbling drain. You look, bridge of the nose pinched, at the wealth of dirty water sitting stagnant instead of traveling through the pipes into the sewer where it belongs. This vexing scenario is all too familiar to too many people. However, a clogged drain need not be elevated to a catastrophic event. We’ll offer four simple ways to clear a clogged drain if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance.

A Natural Solution

Here’s the naked truth, there are probably household items sitting around that can solve your drain problems that you can use without have to rush to the store. For example, if you mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar, you’ll get a fizzling product that can be dumped straight into the drain. Think 6th grade science experiment. The chemical reaction creates a solution that gently works to eliminate blockages. This is especially useful in a kitchen sink drain that may have grease built up.

The Only Kind of Snake that Matters

Investing in a plumbing snake is well worth your dollar. If you have one of these contraptions on hand, it’s a quick, easy, efficient way to clear a drain. These can be especially handy in a shower drain that may have a buildup of hair and the like. If you have a wire hanger handy, you can also use that as a make-shift snake or rather fish hook to help clear close range drain problems. If your clog is particularly stubborn, you might want to visit a website like absewer.com.

A Chemical Reaction

When in doubt, Drano it out. In all seriousness, chemical, commercially bought products are so widely available because they genuinely work. Don’t hesitate to buy a bottle to have on hand in the event of a backed up drain.

Shop Vacuum + Plunger = the Perfect Dynamic Duo

An often unsung hero in the plumbing world is the shop vac. With the ability to be both a wet and dry vacuum, its abundance of uses is noteworthy. It can be used to not only suck up any standing water, but also pull out any superficial blockages. Couple this with the accordion looking plungers that are specifically designed to be used on sinks and drains and you have a match made in heaven.

A clogged drain, while obnoxious, need not be the headache inducing event that you may be prepared to make it. Utilizing any of these methods (or any combination of the four) is a great way to eliminate a clogged drain quickly and easily.

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