Make Your Beauty Routine Healthier


There is a pretty good chance that there are a few ways you could make a positive change to your beauty routine. From getting glowing skin to lustrous hair, here are a handful of ways how to make your beauty routine healthier.

Use a mineral foundation

Heavy, chemical-loaded foundations are bad news for our skin. While they have the ability to give the impression of healthy, glowing skin, underneath they may be really blocking your pores. Swap to something lighter, like a mineral foundation. You can still get great coverage, but your skin will be better off for it. Look up all the 
makeup products that are mineral based; foundation is a great place to start, but it’s not the only one! If you like you what you find with the foundation, branch out. Mineral eyeshadow is a great next step.


Include healthy general living

When we talk about beauty routines, we tend to think about cleaning methods and the appliance of makeup. But exercise and healthy eating should be considered part of your beauty routine; this is a surefire way of making it both more effective and much healthier! Consider a diet that will help keep your skin and hair gorgeous. A diet that features lots of leafy greens, such as the leptin diet, is worth looking into. Take a look at the 
leptin diet rules you must keep to see if it’s suitable for you! Remember to combine this with exercise and plenty of sleep to keep your skin glowing.


Be generous with the moisturizer

A lot of people go with the “less is more” rule when it comes to things you apply to your face – but don’t skimp on your moisturizer! Before you go to sleep each night, apply it generously. It will keep your skin fresh, plump, and… well, moisturized! On this occasion, less is actually not more!


Be careful with shampoo

We’re hearing more and more that parabens are not good ingredients in our beauty products. It’s advice we should be listening too. Spotting them isn’t always so easy, so go carefully. While there is no solid proof yet, you might want to take the safe route. If you do want to continue using your shampoo with 
parabens in, just use it less regularly. Mix it with a chemical-free one every few days to give your hair a break! Oh, and as useful as that dry shampoo can be, you should definitely minimize your use of it – it’s not great for our hair in the long run.


Wash your brushes daily

When was the last time you gave your makeup brushes a really good wash? If it was any more than a week ago, it was too long! Given the amount we use makeup brushes, and the amount of products we load on then, it’s really not surprising how grimy they can get. Makeup brush cleanser used to be pretty pricey, but there are now some of the market that are much cheaper. Washing them once a day might feel too much to you. If it does, wash them every four or five days or so instead.

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