How To Make Your Morning Beauty Routine Quicker

Regardless of what you do with your days, you’re a busy woman. Whether you have a high-powered career, are in college, or are raising a beautiful family, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Being a woman in today’s modern world automatically makes that true. And when it comes to the mornings, you need them to be as easy as possible. When you want to get out of the door on time, you need your morning preparations to go off without a hitch. For that to happen, you could benefit from a foolproof but fast beauty regime that can mean you’re up, dressed and ready in no time at all.

Shower The Night Before

One of the first things that will help you to make this happen is having your shower in the evening, rather than in the morning. By showering the night before and washing your hair in the evenings when it needs it, you’ll speed up the mornings. Then, instead of spending ages showering, pampering, and drying your hair, you can simply get up, wash quickly and start your morning routine.


Have No-Fuss Hair

Next, you should think about the ways you can make your morning hair fuss-free. One of the first ways to do this is, of course, to go with bed head, meaning you’ll require no styling at all. Or, you might like to wear hair extensions so that your hair is already done as soon as you wake up. Finally, you could think about wearing your hair up so that all you have to do is fasten it and you’re ready to go.


Get Extensions

Then, if you really want to speed up your mornings and make sure you’re pretty much ready to go when you wake up, you could think about getting eyelash extensions. With lash extensions in, you won’t need to worry about applying mascara in the mornings, because your lashes are already done. They last around two weeks, making them very low maintenance and a great option for easy morning routines.


Keep Everything To Hand

If the reason your mornings always seem to be manic is that you can never find what you’re looking for, you need to streamline your systems. You should definitely think about laying out everything you need to that you have it on hand. And when you have a bit more time, on a free day or at the weekend, you should aim to have a bit of a beauty clearout so that you won’t get your everyday beauty bits lost in a bunch of junk that you no longer use.


Keep Your Look Minimal

Finally, it will definitely help if you’re able to keep your look as minimal as possible. If you’re spending hours on an intense beauty regime, your mornings will not be easy. Instead, go for a bare-faced beauty look that can be achieved in minutes. With your new lashes in place, all you’ll need is a little foundation or powder, a sweep of blush and a bit of gloss and you’ll be ready.


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