Texas de Brazil Celebrates 20 Years of Fine Dining #TdBToasts20

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Cheers to 20 Years!

Texas de Brazil celebrates its 20th Anniversary with Throwback Pricing and a Toast from Coast to Coast!


Mark your calendars for special events on October 8, 9, and 13

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Texas de Brazil is a family-owned restaurant group that has grown from one restaurant in Addison, Texas in 1998 to nearly 60 worldwide today. Now the largest Brazilian-American steakhouse in the world, the staff remains focused on each guest, preparing and delivering the most unique dining experience possible.

Dine Like Its 1998 on October 8-9!

On Monday, October 8, and Tuesday, October 9, Texas de Brazil is going back to 1998 with its original dinner pricing of $28.50 at all locations throughout the U.S. For these two days, enjoy endless servings of flame-grilled beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and Brazilian sausage as well as an extravagant salad area for the special price of $28.50. (Restrictions apply and reservations are required.)

The food at Texas de Brazil is amazing. The meats are juicy and perfectly cooked. The staff will make sure that your plate is never empty and they have an endless supply of friendliness.  Our visit was certainly special because the staff made sure to make us feel like celebrities, even though we are just normal people.  

Raise a Glass on October 13!

To commemorate its official anniversary date on October 13th, Texas de Brazil will release a new varietal from its private label wine collection bottled by Chilean winemaker Santiago Margozzini. The limited edition XX “Celebration Series” MontGras is a superb red blend of Cabernet, Syrah, and Carmenere, and provides an ideal pairing for succulent churrasco grilled meats. Enjoy this special wine with your meal for $69 per bottle, while supplies last.

Also on October 13, Texas de Brazil patrons and staff from the east coast to the west coast will raise a glass of cheer at 9 p.m. The Toast from Coast to Coast will be celebrated at four locations: Jacksonville, Irvine, Chicago and — where it all started in 1998 – Addison, Texas.

My friend, Gabi and I tried out their refreshing Brazilian Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail.  It’s a refreshing drink with citrus (lime, strawberry or mango).  Traditionally, this cocktail is made with Cachaca, also known as caninha, sugar and lime. It was so good.  But, I was driving, so I only took a couple sips.  Gabi wasn’t driving and decided to enjoy them both.  She liked the one flavored with strawberry the best.  

My teenage daughter decided to have the virgin version of the cocktail and it was equivalent to a strawberry limeade, so good and refreshing.  You could see the fresh-squeezed lime in the drink. Amazing!  

Catch the Toast from Coast to Coast on Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

If you’re able to partake in the festivities this month, be sure to book your table now! Visit Texas de Brazil online to find a location near you. Be sure to share your experience and use hashtag #TdBToasts20 in the following cities: Addison  Chicago  Irvine and Jacksonville!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to eat here! There’s one nearby, so we’ll be going at some point, that’s for sure. I’m all about meat!

  2. Congrats for 20 years of greatest, am sure this will be another 20years + of next level dinning. All the best.

  3. I don’t think we have Texas De Brazil in my area. That’s super cool that they’re going back to original pricing for a short time. What a great way to attract new customers and reward the old ones.

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