The Benefits of Hand Forged Jewelry

Shopping for any jewelry is a daunting albeit exciting task. If you are in the market for new items to add to your collection, of course, you want to get the best quality. If you want to gift someone for a special occasion, the pressure is even more because you want the perfect piece to suit the moment. You have to scour through hundreds of websites and hop from one store to the next before identifying the item you want. It is also a risky understating with many fakes in the market and you might end up losing a lot of money. Luckily, you can avoid all this trouble by going for handcrafted jewelry. The old tradition of hand forging beautiful items is still alive and today, you can buy a magnificent piece for your collection or engagement rings occasion without the usual hassle.  From engagement rings, wedding bands, earring and other items, it is possible to handcraft anything you want. If you are in the market searching for beautiful jewelry, this article highlights why you should opt for the hand forged option. Keep reading.

Hand Forged Jewelry In Brief

Unlike the ready-made pieces you buy from a jeweler, hand forging entails making everything from scratch using the old-age traditions of metal crafting. Whatever item you want to buy, it is possible for an experienced artisan to create every component of the item by hand. Through cutting, hammering, shaping and heating, an artisan works on raw pieces including the metal to create your desired design and finally adds the gemstones you have selected to the piece. The result is an item of unmatched beauty.

Why Choose Hand Forged Jewelry?

Some of the reasons to buy handcrafted jewelry include:

  • Elegant and Mirror-Like Finish

One of the things you look for when shopping for engagement or wedding rings is the overall beauty of the item. It is not easy to find a piece that is flawless because the casting process comes with a lot of drawbacks. However, hand forging eliminates some of the problems that would lead to flaws thus giving you an elegant piece. There are no air bubbles and the handcrafted piece will have a mirror-like finish with no imperfections.

  • Precision

During hand forging, every piece that goes into your engagement or wedding ring has to go through the hands of the artisan. This reduces any flaws and adds to the precision in the desired design. The artisan has control over every part of the ring and they work on each to perfection before bringing all the parts together. This leads to overall precision and refinement which you cannot find in rings sold in a collection.

  • Strength and Durability

When buying an engagement ring, the strength and durability of the piece should be a priority. Remember the ring will last a lifetime and for this reason, you need to find a durable piece. If you buy a ring in a store, you have no guarantees on the durability but when you work with a jewelry designer, you get a strong piece with higher density. There is no risk of porosity as happens in casting and by removing air bubbles during crafting, you get a more solid piece which will last long.

  • Personalization

For jewelry intended for special occasions including engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings among others, you want to buy an item that has some personality. It is advisable to buy something which has meaning to your relationship and this is only possible if you customize the piece. Through hand forged rings, you can add all aspects you wish to the final product which adds value to the ring.

  • Uniqueness

Hand forging allows you to build a unique and outstanding piece that reflects your feelings. It is true you can find glamorous rings in any store but they will not stand out. Designer rings are all over the market and your partner will not feel special despite the high cost of these items. A hand forged ring, on the other hand, is unique and has a special character that your spouse will immediately recognize.  Such a ring stands out and your partner will always pride in explaining the aspects of the piece.

Well, hand-forged jewelry has a lot of benefits and you should not dread shopping for an engagement ring anymore. You will save time, buy a durable and sturdy ring, and present a unique and dazzling ring to your partner.

Author Bio: By Profession, Aadil Bandi is a digital marketing expert, blogger and Growth hacker. He occasionally writes articles on the topic of jewelry, life style, home improvement and technology. Follow his blog: Life To Hide

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