How to Make Your Backyard Safer for Your Kids to Play In

A backyard is a nice feature that adds a pleasant aesthetic to any home, but it’s also a great way for your kids to enjoy the outdoors. There are multiple ways to set up any backyard with fun in mind, and an adult can keep an eye on the children at the same time. However, there are some potential safety concerns that might crop up in these areas. There are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of injury to your kids as they play.

Check and Secure Playground Equipment

A playground is a great way for kids to have hours of fun in the backyard. There is no one setup for a playground, so you have a lot of freedom when it comes to designing an array of things that your kids might like. However, it is important to make sure that any trampolines or climbable objects have proper anchoring points and won’t wobble or become disconnected.

Install Fencing

A fence is a simple way to provide some indication of the boundary line of your backyard. However, it serves an important safety role for kids by adding a physical barrier that can help to keep them away from roads, wooded areas, or neighboring yards. In addition to being a nice safety feature, lattice screening also gives you and your family some measure of privacy in the comfort of your own yard. You can find screening like this in multiple styles to match your tastes.

Tend and Trim Shrubs

Trees or shrubs can make a backyard look inviting. However, if some of your larger plants are neglected, they have the potential to cause injury to playing children. Overgrown grass could be a tripping hazard, and plants with haphazard branches could cause scratches or eye injuries. In addition to these fixes, you should sweep the backyard periodically for any pesky insect nests. Snakes also like to hide in dark holes.

Pad Lawn Furniture

Specialized lawn furniture can make relaxing outside more comfortable, but sharp angles and edges can pose a hazard to small kids. You can get foam coverings that make chairs or tables safer, especially since kids have a tendency to run around as they play. In addition to softer furniture, check to make sure that the grass directly adjacent to play areas is soft enough to provide some cushioning for landings or accidental falls.


Making a home environment safe for kids sometimes focuses too much on the indoor environment at the expense of the outdoor one. Being able to play outside in safety can be an essential part of a child’s happiness. It’s great for exercise and creative engagement for young kids or teens. Once children are old enough, you can educate them on some of the basic tips for safety in the backyard. Don’t forget to have a simple medical kit handy for any cuts, scrapes, or bruises that might occur.

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