Best Ways to Kill Time in Lockdown

lockdownLimited mobility and lockdown have left us with few options on how to spend time during this pandemic. After we became the best cooks in the world, and we discovered various artistic talents, there are fewer activities left to do. 

Luckily, there’s one that never gets boring. Some of us didn’t have time for it until now. 

Of course, we’re talking about gaming. Recently, we had some interesting novelties worth mentioning, and some oldies-goldies. 

Let’s check them up!

Hollow Knight

Created by a small indie studio from Australia, Hollow Knight won some awards for design, gameplay, and music. They were partially funded through a crowdfunding campaign, raising over A$57,000.

You’re a nameless knight roaming through a plague-infested kingdom, inhabited by bugs known as Hallownest. The knight has to fight various characters to unlock new abilities, thus making progress in the game. 

Even though it can be finished in less than 20 hours, it has fun and challenging tasks to overcome. 

If this pandemic lasts longer than we expected, maybe we’ll play its sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong announced in February 2019.

World of Warcraft

One that never gets old. With its addictive nature, gamers have spent days in front of their PCs. Rewarding quests, dungeon-crawling, loot-collecting, and its unique classes made lots of players stick to this game, creating a worldwide clan. A clan that lasts for 16 years now.

When creating a character, you can decide to join either fearless Alliance or wicked Horde. After that, the game takes place in Azeroth, in which you’ll fight enemies, form a squad, earn loots, and so on. It’s designed in cycles, with each one more demanding than the previous. 

The game, as we said, is legendary in the gaming community, with wow boost enthusiasts all around the Azeroth. 

Diablo 2

A remastered version of Diablo 2 was released recently, and it’s taken the gaming world by storm. One of the most beloved entries into the Diablo world is back and better than ever. It’s a great way to kill time, especially if you’re trying to complete some epic gear. Yesgamers can help with runewords, one of the most powerful parts of the game’s gear mechanics.

Stardew Valley

A game was created entirely by one man. And it gained attention. Impressive, we must admit. 

Essentially, it’s a farming simulator where players get a small piece of land that they have to turn into a thriving farm.

The game was launched with impressive success, and even the developer of the Harvest Moon, which inspired Stardew Valley, had only compliments to say. 

Stardew Valley is constantly being improved with new content updates, and we’re sure it will be a fun game to kill some time at home. 


It’s a long-running series of action-adventure thrills, that is well known among genre fans. 

The game follows an adventurer Nathan Drake, ancient ruins lover, on a quest to discover hidden treasures. He travels around the world with his friends to find and uncover hidden pieces of history. 

The majority of the series is based on real-life history and mythology, with some unexpected spin-offs. 

The series began with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, followed by sequels:

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted is without a doubt a game that will keep you entertained for a few days, if not more. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Due to the infamous history of the game, no one had high expectations for this one. Oh boy, were they wrong.

Cal Kestis, the protagonist, a Jedi Padawan, travels across the galaxy and is on the run. He’s hiding from the Empire’s Inquisitorius, led by Darth Vader, and is determined to finish his training and restore the Jedi Order. 

Since the expectations weren’t high, it came as a surprise that the game sold eight million copies worldwide. Maybe in the galaxy, too, but there’s no way of knowing. 

Anyway, we’re sure it would be a good choice to entertain the thought, and maybe to add to those eight million already sold.  

The Sims 

As one of the most popular real-life simulator games, The Sims gained impressive status amongst gamers.

By creating an avatar, or multiple ones, you can direct their everyday life and their interactions with other characters. You can also build their houses, get a job, have children, and so on. 

There’s also a darker approach to this game… Many players tend to torture their avatars, like building the bathroom without a toilet, getting thrown in jail, and whatever cruelty you think of. 

No doubt you’ll find this game entertaining and spend hours playing it. The Sims is a game that everyone finds amusing. 

You might find it interesting, that since the first edition was published in 2000, it has sold more than 6.3 million copies worldwide. That makes it the best-selling PC game of all time. Well, that makes sense if you ever played the game, right?

Any Inspiration yet?

There are lots of things other than playing games, that you can do during these fun times. Anyhow, these games are, without a doubt, something that will take hours, if not days from your timeline, without you even knowing it. 

That seems about right, don’t you think?

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