Tips to Keep You Looking Fashionable Even on a Budget

While some people love shopping, many people do not – and yet, we must all find good clothes to wear. The problem is that you may want to get great clothes, but want to avoid breaking the bank and becoming a spendthrift.

The good news is that this is possible, and we have some tips to help you along the way with your fashion goals while remaining on a budget.

The fashion type you really want to achieve

It is important to know what you want to achieve before you go out and spend that money anyway. While you are likely to spend your money to buy an expensive coat, for instance, you are actually better off buying several cheaper similar-style clothes using the same money to give you greater variety.

It is a common struggle to find something you really love and you cannot afford it, so you end up settling for cheaper things you do not value as much. However, this is not helpful to your wallet anyway; you are better off waiting and seeing if you will find something you like in the future, instead of buying fashion items that will only clog up your closet because you do not like them.

Review the items you own

Here is one uncomfortable truth people do not like to think about: people tend to accumulate items that they never use or wear in their closets. In order to make your evaluation process easier, here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you have items in the closet you have not worn in more than 3 months?
  • What fashion items do you have an excess of? For instance sandals, sneakers, t-shirts, and so on
  • Do you own pants that you avoid wearing because they require ironing?
  • Do you lack versatility in your wardrobe? An example would be too many casual clothes, but not enough date-worthy clothes

When you have an idea of how you want your wardrobe to look like, you can then begin combing through your current items and see what fits and what to let go. If things do not fit you either, get rid of them immediately – do not use the reasoning that you might wear them in a few months when you gain or lose weight.

Toss, trade, or sell

If the wardrobe has nice items you will never wear, consider discarding them by selling on online platforms or doing a yard sale. The sales will land you some good money, which you can then use to buy some new clothes you will actually wear. If there are some you do not want to sell, you can donate them to friends and family, or to people who really need them.

When you are looking for new clothes, prioritize the classics

Before heading to shop on a site like Lily Lulu Fashion, have a list of the items you want to make up your dream wardrobe – they do not have to be many, since you can own a smaller closet that is full of quality clothes that fit you and your personal style.

If you need help, the best advice is to look for the classic items and avoid the trends – especially if you have very few ideas on what trends suit your look the best. An instance would be shopping for black dresses if you are a woman, then pair the dress with statement earrings and an infinity scarf. A guy, on the other hand, would shop for a great no-wrinkle shirt and pair of pants, along with a bow tie embellishment.

Another example would be getting a very good pair of jeans, because they are versatile enough to wear when you are on a casual afternoon with friends, a date night, or just staying at home. 

Setting spending goals

This is among the most challenging aspects of shopping on a budget, and this also includes the discipline of not online shopping all the time.

While you may spot some very attractive deals, you ultimately spend more money because of the shipping costs – and it is even worse when you are unsure of your size. Online shopping will work better for more utility fashion items like scarves or purses.


In conclusion, it is possible to achieve good fashion sense, even when you are on a budget. It takes plenty of wisdom to get there and regulation of spending habits, but it is still achievable.

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