Protecting Your Youth

Staying youthful might not always seem like the easiest things to do. For one, you’ll get to a point in your life where you just can’t stop it. But what you can do is make sure protecting it as much as you can. Showing signs of age doesn’t always mean the usual suspects of wrinkles etc. it is how you see yourself and how you act. The younger you are in the mind, the younger you’re likely to feel on the outside. But at the same time there are things you can do to protect the physical beauty side of things, and this is where we’re here to help you. If you want to protect your youth inside and out, then read on to find out more.

The Inside

What you’re doing to the inside of your body will show on the outside. So let’s start with what you’re actually putting into your body food and drink wise. Alcohol has been known to speed up the aging process. Having a cheeky glass of wine or two each weekend isn’t going to do much. But if you’re tucking into a glass or two every night, it’s going to start showing. When you drink you are depleting your body of vitamin A. Vitamin A is full of antioxidants which is vital for keeping the skin looking young and youthful. Alcohol misuse also leads to weight gain which can make you appear to look older than you actually are. Your skin will become greasier, be prone to breakouts, and it’s just all around damaging for your health. If you want to try and keep as youthful as possible in terms of the liquids you can put into your body, then water needs to become your new best friend. It helps to keep the skin hydrated, subtle, and it’s good for your body in so many other ways. Dehydrated skin is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles earlier on in life. They recommend you should drink around 2 liters of water each day. If you find water boring or don’t particularly like the taste, then mix it with some squash or find some sugar free flavored water.

Other than that, you just need to make sure your diet is full of healthy foods containing all the vitamins and minerals for normal bodily functions, as well as to help keep you youthful.

The Outside

The outside is where it counts for most people. It is the first thing people are going to notice about you after all. When the signs of aging start to kick in, it’s all we can see and think about. First we’ll talk about prevention. One way of preventing fine lines is through a method we’ve already discussed, drinking plenty of water. Another is by using anti wrinkle and youthful creams before you even need to. They’re specially formulated to keep the skin as plump and subtle as possible. Some researchers suggest women as young as 20 should start using the creams in preparation. You should also make sure you’re caring for your skin in every way possible. A good skin care routine is going to help clear away dead skin, prevent breakouts, and keep the skin hydrated and cleansed. All you really need is a cleanser, a face scrub, and a face mask. The cleanser you should use daily, the scrub and the mask should be used two or three times a week for a deep clean. Make sure you’re removing your make up each night and apply a light layer of moisturizer to keep the skin fresh.

Another way of keeping your youth, that we think you might never have thought of, is the way you wear your hair. Hair has the power to completely change how you look as the person. Granted, sometimes haircuts go horribly wrong. But get the style and the shape right and it can knock years off your age. There are so many hairstyles for women that it is hard to know which one to go for, and which one will actually suit you. The unknown is what stops a lot of women switching up their hairstyle, but the unknown is what can change lives. If you’re struggling to find the right look, you can always look to the celebs for inspiration.

Your youth should now seem easier to protect than first thought. Yes aging is scary, but the more you embrace it the happier you’re going to be. Happiness and liveliness are the key to staying youthful in life.

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