Advantages of Shower Channel Grates

Shower channel grates are, as the word suggests, plates put on the floor of the bathroom, mostly in the shower area, to supplement the drainage. Most of us would have mostly noticed these on the boundaries of large swimming pools, the place where people usually do away with the water which may have entered their mouth or nasal canals. Their simplistic designs are what makes them popular and make people choose them over traditional round gutters.

There Are Quite A Few Advantages of Shower Channel Grates When Compared to Traditional Round Gutter:

1.  It offers much better style. The traditional gutter is not a pleasant sight to look at. One can clearly distinguish it from the flooring and tiles which can ruin a beautifully designed bathroom. The reason a shower grate helps in such a scenario is that one can use it to amplify the look of their bathroom. The grate usually comes in a rectangular strip kind of form, so it can run parallel to the wall opposite of the shower head and it would look like a part of the wall.

2.  Shower channels grates were introduced as a need to separate the wet floor from the dry floor without the use of a partition wall. In a traditional shower, one would have to create a 3-4-inch-tall partition between the shower area and the other area of the washroom and the probability of tripping or hurting your foot while getting in or out of the shower area would be extremely high. Most accidental deaths which occur in bathrooms are due to tripping or slipping, and these shower channel grates provide a solution for both of these issues.

3.  Apart from design-related advantages, the other important thing the shower channel grates have to offer is a large variety of designs. There are nearly thousands of designs when it comes to shower channel grates and each of these designs has its own functional advantage. While the traditional gutter would leave you with just one center to stick with when it comes to placing it, these grates can be used on all the walls and corner and won’t make the bathroom look ugly.

4.  Say bye to clogging. The main reason for clogging is due to the accumulation of too much waste. When it comes to rectangular shower channel grates, there is plenty of space to uniformly suck the waste in and prevent clogging. And moreover, in case one of the grills gets clogged, the other grill will still take in water.

5.  Quicker water removal compared to traditional water gutters. As shower channel grates have more holes and area compared to traditional water gutters, it can suck up water much quicker and in a more efficient manner. You won’t have to stand in your own ‘dirty water swamp’ which may get created when you use a traditional gutter.

6.  Moreover, when the shower channel grates are used on any one side of the wall, there is no need to slope the floor towards the center. Due to this reason, you get an easier installation in your bathroom.

7.  Lower overall cost of constructing a bathroom. When so many designing and utility problems are solved, the cost of constructing a bathroom goes down as a whole, and you can then spend more on the tiles, the basin, or on other bathroom fittings.

To conclude we can say that shower channel grates are a pretty good option to consider while renovating or building your own bathroom. Not just home, these grates are great even for schools, offices, colleges, hospitals, etc. In short, it can be used at all places where there is drainage. Its simplicity, affordability, and functionality make it a better option than the boring traditional rounded gutter.

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