Simple Ways to Bring Spring Indoors This Season

After a long, cold winter, embracing all that spring has to offer suddenly becomes a top priority. In addition to enjoying the warmer weather and beautiful flowers outside, you may want to continue your enjoyment by bringing a little bit of spring inside, as well. Fortunately, bringing spring indoors is simple and can provide maximum enjoyment, all season long.

Indoor Plants

If you want to celebrate the arrival of new growth outside, you can bring that new growth inside by selecting some indoor plants. Most indoor plants are quite hardy and are able to grow year-round due to the even temperature inside your home. In addition, indoor plants can help purify your home’s air as they remove harmful toxins and release oxygen. It’s important to make sure your indoor plants get plenty of sun, so make sure to put them near a large window that gets plenty of natural light.

Natural Art

Another great way to bring spring inside is to utilize some natural elements in your home decor. You can utilize dried flowers, sticks, leaves, shells, and whatever else you can find outside to decorate your home inside. These elements will prove durable and most can be obtained for little to no cost. Plus, many natural decor projects allow children to get involved, as well.

Always Growing

If you want to truly bring a small slice of the outdoors into your home, a terrarium may be a great option to consider. Terrariums allow you to witness all the wonders of nature by utilizing the processes of nature to sustain plant life. Hanging terrariums can provide a unique focal point in a room, while a freestanding terrarium allows you to customize the size of your terrarium further, only being limited by your budget and your imagination.

Fresh Flowers

While not as long-lived as some of the other options on this list, fresh flowers provide a beautiful reminder of spring’s bounty. The bright colors of fresh flowers offer a unique change for any room in your home, while their pleasant fragrances can provide calming and relaxing benefits for everyone in your household. If you have an abundant garden, you can utilize your own flowers to make different arrangements, however, even store-bought flowers make a beautiful and eye-catching addition.

Let the Outside In

Beyond bringing bits of nature into your home, spring is a great time to throw open your home’s windows and enjoy some fresh air. In addition, it’s a great way to utilize sunrooms and porches to blur the lines between outdoors and in as you are once again able to enjoy the great outdoors. Combined with the beautiful natural elements around your home, you will be able to enjoy spring no matter what time of day it is.

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