Worried about Your Carbon Footprint? 4 Tips to Keep It Low

If you take one look at the weather forecast, it’s clear that global warming is a very real issue. Sure, there is an ongoing debate on Capitol Hill about it. Between its validity, costs and solutions, global warming is a hot-button political subject. However, while they debate on the Hill about it, you need to be proactive and do something about your carbon footprint. As you decrease your carbon footprint, you can make a difference. Consider these four ways to keep your carbon footprint low.

Water Usage

There are a few things to consider when it comes to water usage. If you’re one of those people who throws a towel in the washing machine and lets it run, stop doing that. Only wash full loads of laundry. When it’s time to take a shower, don’t let it run for ten minutes before you get inside. That wastes a lot of water. Consider implementing a timed shower routine.

Power Usage

If your spouse is out of town and you’re afraid to sleep by yourself, get a nightlight. Refrain from turning on all of the lights in the home. It’s also a good idea to invest in some power strips. Plug one into the wall and plug all of the appliances to that power cord. When you’re ready to leave the room, turn off the power strip and unplug it from the wall. This will help you save a lot more energy each year.

Updated Appliances and Systems

When the heater isn’t working correctly, it needs more energy to run at optimal speed. Instead of wasting energy, update your HVAC system and purchase a new one. The same rules apply to your kitchen and cleaning appliances. Purchase options that are energy-efficient. It might feel like a pricey move at first. HVAC installations aren’t cheap, but you won’t regret it when you take a look at your energy bill for the month.


The last way to decrease your carbon footprint is to make sure that your windows and doors are insulated. When this happens, the heat won’t seep through. It’ll have an easier time to circulate within the home.

As you continue to implement and perfect these tactics, you’ll come across other ways to make your home more energy-efficient and decrease your carbon footprint. Be willing to experiment to learn what works. As you continue in the process, expect your friends to follow you and jump on board. Don’t worry though. This effort is the kind that should go viral.

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  1. Actually the #1 most impactful thing you can do is to go vegan as animal agriculture contributes 19% of all carbon emissions!

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