Battle The Heat: 4 Creative Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Summer has just about arrived, and with it will come hot weather. While you may enjoy it, it can be a lot harder on your furry companions. As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to monitor your pet and make sure they aren’t getting overheated. Read on to discover some really creative ways to keep your pets cool this summer.

1. Have Sufficient Air Conditioning
Sometimes the most obvious solutions are also the most effective ones. Before summer begins, be sure to have your heating and cooling system examined or replaced by professionals like Universal Refrigeration so it doesn’t unexpectedly shut off in the middle of the summer, which could be highly uncomfortable for both you and your pets and perhaps even fatal. Know what temperatures your pet can safely stand, look for any warning signs and adjust your house temperature accordingly.

2. Frozen Treats
Frozen treats are a great and cheap way to cool down your pet if he gets too warm. Some ice cream shops or stands offer cones for pets, and some specialty pet stores sell frozen treats or food. They even make doggy “beer!” You can also make some goodies yourself from ingredients such as beef broth, fruit or peanut butter.

3. Go Swimming
If you have water dogs, taking them swimming at a nearby lake not only gets them out and exercising, the water keeps them cool while they do it. If your pet isn’t into swimming, you can always get an inflatable kiddie pool and let your pet wade around in it. Keeping a misting bottle handy is a good way to cool down smaller pets, like birds or reptiles.

4. Take Them In For A Haircut
People sometimes get shorter haircuts in the summer, so why shouldn’t pets? If your pet has longer fur, make a grooming appointment to shear them down a bit. Less hair will obviously keep them cooler and make it easier for them to regulate their body temperature. Frequent brushing also helps get rid of loose and excess fur. By cutting your pet’s hair shorter and brushing them more often, you’ll also have less fur everywhere, so it’s a win-win.

It’s also important to know when it’s too hot to walk your dog outside – a general rule of thumb is if you can’t comfortably keep your palm on the sidewalk for five seconds, it’s too hot. Also always make sure your pet has plenty of water during the hot summer months. Be sure to do that as well as try out the creative ideas mentioned above. Your pets will have a much comfier summer.


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