Feeling Ruff? 3 Pet Symptoms that Call for Veterinary Attention

Just like people, your pets can come down with various illnesses or develop minor injuries. Many issues may be alleviated on their own or with home care. However, others may potentially be serious and may require a trip to the vet or even a veterinary hospital in very serious cases. Without verbal communication from your pet, you must rely on your own observations as you determine the best steps to take. These are some of the signs that may indicate the need for immediate medical attention from a vet.

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A Family’s Guide to Choosing a Pet

Pets can provide love, affection and companionship throughout their lives. However, it is important for families to choose animals that meet their needs and provide the best chance for an animal to thrive. Let’s take a look at some variables to consider before bringing a furry friend into your home. 

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A Gorgeous Pet Blanket from Gifts For You Now!

So…I’m obsessed with my pets, as you can see, based on the amount of photos on the pet blanket below. Most people are these days and that’s why Gifts For You Now is the perfect site when it comes to giving gifts. They’re great for so many ideas and occasions such as Father’s Day or Graduations, but also National pet days! 

I run a small rescue out of my home. We currently have 17 rescue cats and 2 Beagles (a few pictured on the pet blanket above). These pets are my world and I’ve been through quite an upheaval with each of them. Due to these rough times, it has made me cherish them even more. Even though many will go to new homes which is bittersweet, I remember and love every single one of them. 

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Are Pets Good or Bad for Your Child’s Allergies?


Sniffling, sneezing and a congested nose for most people indicate the flu. However, if it only happens at a specific time of the year, or after handling your pets, then it may suggest that you have an allergic reaction to something. If you have kids, you need to know what is wrong with them so that you can find ways to deal with it before it gets out of hand. It is especially important if your child is allergic to a pet, because it may be difficult to separate them from that animal.

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Kitty Care: What to Look For In Your Cat’s Veterinarian

Even if your cat is healthy, you will still need to take them to the vet on a regular basis. In fact, cats need to get a checkup at least once a year. There are a number of things that you will need to look for in a cat’s veterinarian.


You will need to select a veterinarian that has the proper credentials. You should select a veterinarian who is board-certified. A veterinarian has to meet rigorous training and education standards in order to be board-certified. Additionally, you should also make sure that the clinic is accredited by the American Animal Association.

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Battle The Heat: 4 Creative Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Summer has just about arrived, and with it will come hot weather. While you may enjoy it, it can be a lot harder on your furry companions. As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to monitor your pet and make sure they aren’t getting overheated. Read on to discover some really creative ways to keep your pets cool this summer.
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Raising a Responsible Child: The Benefits of Growing Up With Pets

A relationship between a child and their pet is exceptional and provides immense love and comfort. Pets influence all aspects of a child’s life and help parents raise strong, confident, and compassionate children. Pets can help children deal with stressful situations, develop empathy, and easily establish new contacts. Here are some benefits of becoming a pet-owning family.

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