Artificial Grass and Kids: What You Need to Know

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Artificial grass will keep your landscape looking good all year round. Homeowners will enjoy their relaxation time with little maintenance and save money too. Still, many parents are hesitant about installing artificial turf as they wonder if it is safe for kids and pets.

Artificial grass is safe for kids of all ages, from infants to teens. Past versions had the reputation for being unsafe and easily deteriorating. The advancement in technology changed all that, it’s now considered a solution to your kid’s safety and health that will last for years.

Reasons Parents Should Consider Installing Artificial Turf

Artificial turf looks and feels like real grass. It is aesthetically appealing with low maintenance, which makes artificial turf owners happy.  The advancement in technology changed all that, it’s now considered a solution to your kid’s safety and health that will last for years. So, using fake grass nowadays is considered quite a safe method of decorating your house. Here are reasons why parents should consider installing the artificial turf.


Your hours spent in maintenance will depend on your situation. If you have kids, or pets, or are near dense vegetation, your cleaning time is a bit more than normal. There’ll be raking of the surface to avoid a pile-up of debris, cleaning to take out residues of your pet’s droppings, and hosing to remove dirt and pollen.

Non-toxic, Allergen, and Lead-free

One of the selling points of artificial turf is that it is made of materials that are non-toxic and lead-free.  And because it is synthetic, unwanted visits from insects are avoided. Fertilizers and pesticides are not needed for maintenance, keeping toxins in check.

Artificial grass is made of hypoallergenic material, meaning it’s free from substances that produce allergies

Accident Proof and Soft on the Skin

Accidents happen when kids are overly active. A fall, a slip, or a tumble and an accompanying cry are just moments away. The density and soft blades of the artificial grass will prevent wounds on the skin.

High Hygiene Level 

Dirt, a source of bacteria, can be kept out of the house by watering with no mud to track in. The permeability feature of artificial turf will prevent the presence of puddles.

Creepy crawlers such as mites, ticks, and other insects cannot live in artificial grass. Bacteria from food residues or dog droppings can be washed away by hosing.

You can play soccer or put a pool on it

The resilient surface makes it perfect for any sports activity such as soccer. The backing and infill of artificial turf can carry the weight of an inflatable pool and its guests. 

What to Consider When Buying Artificial Turf as a Parent

Pile Height and Density

Pile height is measured from the backing to the tip of the blade in millimeters (mm). The height serves a different purpose:

  • If you have pets and kids, go for a pile height of 20 mm or less.
  • A 20 to 30 mm pile height will look like it has just been mowed and will stand heavy foot traffic.
  • The 30 to 40 mm length gives the ideal realistic look. You will enjoy the tickling feeling when the blades touch your feet.
  • For those who want a luxurious and a bit of wild look, the 40 mm or more will do the trick.

Pile density refers to the number of artificial grass that is sewn to a backing material and how close they are together. A higher density will mean that more artificial fibers are sewn to the backing. Premium quality artificial grass has a density of around 16750 stitches per meter while cheap artificial grass has densities around 6000 stitches per meter.

Infill Type

An infill is an important part of your artificial turf project. It keeps the blades upright and protects the backing. The weight of the infill keeps fake grass in place, acts as a shock absorber, and shields the backing from UV rays.

If you are one of those parents who has a thing against crumb rubber, there are options to choose from such as silica sand, zeolite, and acrylic-coated sand with antimicrobial protection.


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  1. Insects, mites, and other creepy crawlies are unable to make a home in fake grass since it does not support their survival. A good hosing may remove bacteria that have been left behind by food leftovers or dog droppings.

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