Benefits of CBD for Dogs

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CBD, or cannabidiol, has been growing in popularity among the general population for the treatment of conditions such as seizures and chronic pain. While it has previously only been used to treat people, there are some who have started the trend of treating one’s pet with CBD. Consider the following benefits of CBD for dogs in case you are looking into treatment options.

It Relieves Anxiety

No matter how much a dog sheds, the shedding will increase dramatically if your dog is anxious. You might have already tried everything and are currently wondering what you can do to help calm your dog down. It is understandable to not want to give your dog medicine that can leave them feeling groggy. CBD relieves anxiety without having serious side effects in people, but keep in mind that there have not been many studies for pets and that most of the information out there comes from testimonials. Keep an eye on your dog if you are giving it CBD for anxiety. If the symptoms stay the same or start to get worse after starting the treatment, stop immediately and ask your vet what the next best course of action should be. 

It Helps Reduce Seizures

It can be heartbreaking to find out that your pet has epilepsy, and it cannot be easy when you see them having seizures. While it cannot make them go away completely, CBD helps to reduce seizures so your dog does not have to experience them as frequently as they might otherwise. Because CBD is less abrasive, it is considered a safer option than most experimental seizure medications that have not been tested on dogs. Nevertheless, It is recommended to clear this with your vet first, as seizures can be a complicated issue and a professional opinion would help alleviate any worry that you might have with trying CBD on your dog.

It Can Ease Chronic Pain

CBD, as previously stated, has been used to treat chronic pain in humans. Since CBD has worked on some dogs with chronic pain, it has become a trending treatment for this specific ailment. Chronic pain can be debilitating, and if your dog is a member of a breed that has a long history and tendency toward chronic pain, you might already be seeing symptoms of it, especially if your dog is a little older. 

CBD can be a wonderful alternative to medications with potentially toxic ingredients when it comes to treating your dog. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. CBD once again has not been officially tested on dogs on a large scale, nor has much scientific research been published on the subject. The most you can hope for is that a testimonial that you have come across is legitimate and that there are multiple testimonials just like that for your dog’s breed and condition. Your vet can give a professional opinion, but you still must take note of your dog’s health during treatment. Keep this article in mind so you know what to do if and when you decide to give CBD a try for your dog.

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