2 of the Most Popular CBD By-Products Available for Pets


Unless you live in a cave, far away from any civilization, you may have heard about CBD or Cannabinoids and their by-products. However, hearing about it and knowing about it are two different things. This article will take a glimpse into CBD oil for pets for those interested in introducing it to their four-legged friends.

Why should we live the best life and keep them out of all the fun? Let’s start with the most obvious questions in our minds. 

What is it?

In its simplest terms, this is a 100% natural extract obtained from the cannabis plant, which is also known as “cannabis Sativa,” its scientific name. We just call it CBD to make it simple for everyone. CBD is not in any way responsible for making you high, and people can take it for various reasons, such as the ones mentioned here.

The type you purchase online or in stores and is available in different formats usually only has trace amounts of THC. This is a component of the plant and is often called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the guy who gets you that euphoric feeling. But he is often left out in pet and people products.

Because we are more interested in giving it to our pooches, we will discuss the many types of formats it comes in, so you can be sure he will be catered for, and if he is a fussy one, there will be something out there for him or her to enjoy. 

The 2 By-Products of CBD Available on The Market Making Waves

Before we dive into this section, we want to make very sure that you are aware of the fact that when you are purchasing any CBD product for any of your pets, you need to be mindful that the legal amount of THC in any of them should be either 0.2% in Europe or 0.3% anywhere else worldwide. Anything above this may not be legal and may make your pet drowsy or even sick. The purpose of CBD pet treats is to keep them healthy, alleviate any problems, and act as an additional energy source.

CBD Oil Tinctures. In standard terms, a tincture is a concentrated herbal extract made from a combination of different herbs and roots soaked in alcohol. It can be an extract of a plant or an animal and, in labs, is dissolved in a chemical called Ethanol. However, this is not the tincture that we are referring to here.  

The tincture form of CBD oil for dogs and cats is similar in that it comes in a bottle with a dropper but is very different in that it does not have ethanol in it and may not be a combination of herbs or animal products but rather concentrations of Hemp extract.

The high-quality brands that you buy in online stores of health stores will have been manufactured using only the highest quality hemp-derived CBD, which is combined with MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride), which is one of the safest base oils and fatty acids that make it easy to digest many food items and in itself has an array of health benefits such as a source of energy, fuel for the brain, reduce lactate build up and many more.

When sold, these tinctures come in various sizes and in a range of flavors and strengths for your canines or felines and are extremely easy to use. Either add a few drops into their drinking water three times a day or add them directly onto their tongue, whatever they prefer. The best way to introduce this format is by following the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging or their website. 

CBD Chews and Treats. This is another popular choice for pet owners to give to their dogs and cats, especially as an occasional treat and for overall health and well-being. When controlled to just one or two CBD Chews for dogs a day, one can add some extra fortitude to their diet and keep them happy and healthy while they’re at it.

Because these products are not 100% CBD and will typically be combined with other ingredients to create a treat-like component, it is a good idea to make sure you purchase it from a reputable online store that sells specifically for pets and is close to organic as possible. 

Of course, the takeaway here is to check for any artificial ingredients and additives that may harm them more than good, and the same goes for the products you purchase for yourself. 


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