4 Ways You and Your Spouse Can Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Whether you and your spouse have felt exhausted for some time or the issue is fairly new, you both know that you need to get a better night’s sleep. Identifying the main issue that’s preventing you from sleeping well is the first step; then, you can employ strategies for resolving that dilemma.

Reduce Unwanted Noise

Some noises can help soothe you and your spouse to sleep; other sounds can keep you up all night. For example, some individuals have trouble sleeping because their spouse snores. Getting checked for sleep apnea is important in these cases. After a consultation with the doctor, you can look into at-home devices to reduce snoring and ear plugs to reduce the noise for the other sleeper. Think about ways to reduce additional sources of unpleasant sounds. If the neighborhood kids playing in the streets are keeping you up beyond your bedtime, consider moving the bedroom to the second floor of the house.

Update Your Bedroom

Purchasing curtains that keep the room dark and scouring the mattress sales for a better are two methods that can improve your actual sleeping space. Pick up some extra comfortable pillows while you’re at the store too. Consider if now is the time to upgrade the size of the bed as well. Also, pay attention to how relaxing your room is. Adding a coat of paint in a tranquil shade and hanging up refreshing images can make you feel as though you’re on a comfortable retreat when you head to the bedroom.

Check the Temperature

An uncomfortable temperature might be keeping both of you up at night. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night sweating or if you’re constantly pulling extra blankets out of the closet to stay warm, your bedroom might need a temperature adjustment. Turning up the heat just a couple of degrees or installing a new air conditioner in the window can make a major difference in how you sleep.

Establish a Routine

Erratic schedules can cause both individuals and couples to struggle with sleep. Establishing a routine can help to send a signal to your body that the time has come to go to sleep. Catching up on some episodes of television together before going to bed or enjoying a refreshing beverage outside on the porch are two traditions you might want to consider implementing into your routine.

Use a CPAP Machine

If you have not heard of it already, CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. With a CPAP machine for sleep, obstructions to your airways are removed. It is beneficial to those who have difficulty breathing or those who snore while in dreamland. It is also commonly used to counter sleep apnea and similar sleeping disorders. On top of that, the machine helps lower blood pressure and is thought to help with reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. By using this, you and your partner can enjoy improved sleep and reduce sleepiness during the daytime, as well as enjoy healthier lives. 


Believe that you and your spouse can get a better night of sleep. Identify what the issue is that’s stopping you from doing so. Then, work to resolve that problem.

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