What to Check When Deciding on Wedding Caterers

Planning on the wedding caterers can be a whole lot of fun. As this special day approaches, you are all excited but not being able to decide on the menu and the caterers can play a damp squib to the total excitement of this special event. These days you find that the grooms and the brides are taking over the total planning of this event.

Considering a few things before you decide on a specific wedding caterer can help you enjoy the event to the maximum: 

# The Deciding Factors:

Before you opt for a wedding caterer, make sure that the company works along with you for planning the menu to be served.

# Guests and Their tastes:

An experienced wedding caterer will consider the tastes of the bride and groom even before suggesting specific items on the menu. You and the groom’s likes and dislikes should be a priority in deciding the menu. Besides this, providing food, which is appreciated by the guests works important in this decision. Find out what types of guests are invited and if the children are included. This gives you a fair idea of what food to decide on.

# Importance of Food on this day:

Some couples do not wish to make food important factor to consider for a wedding. These couples can think of serving finger food and drinks. This can work out well but only if the choice of the caterer is made with care and caution. The time the wedding ceremony is held can help in deciding on what type of food is to be served. 

# Fixing a Budget:

Weddings are a costly affair. There are multiple expenses included and deciding on a budget well before you search for the caterer is definitely helpful. Different caterers charge differently. Some of them charge per head and according to the service required and the type of food required. Formal settings can work out costlier, as they require more staff to attend to the guests. Even if you opt for not-so-formal settings, make sure the quality of food and service is up to the mark.

# Reliable and Dependable Caterers:

When conducting a search for the wedding caterers, ensure you give dependability and reliability factors prime importance. You cannot think of solving uncalled for problems on this day. Contact three or more caterers before deciding on a specific one. This can help you compare the prices and their services. Ask for references so that you can check out the quality of services offered. An experienced wedding caterer can work out on an exceptional menu well within your budget. Find out what choices are offered on the menu so that you can decide in accordance to your requirement. 

# Choices in Service Styles:

Choose a caterer who offers you the different types of serving styles. This includes the buffet style where the food is served and the guests need to serve themselves, the plated meal where the food is served by the servers individually, the family style where the food is served in bowls on each table or a station meal, where the guests move from a table to another serving themselves what they like.

# Time of the Year:

The food served by wedding caterers is normally compatible to the time of the year the wedding is held. It is advisable to decide on seasonal food, which is available locally. Seasonal food served can reflect the location and the style of the wedding. 

Every factor considered, be it a big or small, can make a difference to the success of this big day. Make your wedding special by concentrating on the various factors before deciding on a wedding caterer


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