Best Advantages Of Installing Freestanding Bathtub in Your Bathroom


Imagine you are renovating your house, and the bathroom designer is suggesting you replace your bathtub. Now, will you look for the latest bathtubs or opt for the existing ones? The reason is many homeowners prefer to go for the same bathtub style just to save their pockets. Since the bathtub is one of the most used and integral fixtures of your bathroom, you need to get the value for money. 

If you want to add some more charm to your bathroom, it is time to welcome a freestanding bathtub in your house. This type of bathtub comes in various styles, designs, and colors and suitable for most bathrooms. Nevertheless, this bathtub type requires more space than the regular one, but it has numerous advantages. 

Below we have mentioned the best benefits of installing a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom. 

Available In Traditional And Contemporary Styles (Very Beneficial)

It is time to say goodbye to your in-built bathtub because there are many better options available in the market. Fortunately, freestanding bathtubs are available in both traditional and modern styles, and that is what you require in this modern era. If your bathroom follows a contemporary style, you can consider the oval or square freestanding bathtub. As per various customers, they prefer the oval-style bathtub with the faucets hanging near the edges. 

Regardless of which bathtub style you select, freestanding bathtubs will undoubtedly accommodate more water than the inbuilt ones. In our opinion, people who love to spend some quality time in the bathtub after a long hectic day should look for freestanding bathtubs. Such bathtubs are also suitable if your children and older parents.

If you are also fond of hot baths, a freestanding bathtub can be advantageous because it is available in both modern and traditional styles. 

Enhanced Practicality

Regardless of the type of bathtub, you select for your bathroom; you should always measure the size where you will install your new bathtub. As per many bathroom designers, they struggle to accommodate in-built bathtubs in the traditional bathrooms. They must use boards and inserts to fit the in-built bathtubs appropriately. But when you are considering freestanding bathtubs, you do not have to invest in boards, decorative panels, and tiling on the sides. 

The reason is you have the freedom to choose your freestanding tub based on your needs and preferred style instead of the water holding capacity and shape and you can place it wherever you need. You do not have to waste time deciding the place to fit the bathtub. When it comes to installation, you do not require more than 30 minutes to install your freestanding bathtubs. Plus, you do not need to hire any bathroom designer or property developer to install this bathtub. You must choose your ideal bathtub and just call your plumber and let him do the installation cost. 

Ease Of Installation And Placement (The Best Benefit)

Homeowners who already have freestanding bathtubs in their bathrooms probably know how easy the installation process is. Plus, it is easy to swap your existing bathtub with the newer one. When you plan to eliminate your in-built bathtub in your bathroom, you need to cover the exposed areas with tiles and boards. 

The best part about a freestanding tub is you can install it anywhere in your bathroom depends on your requirements. When you have the freedom of installing a bathtub in your bathroom, you have the choice of placing the faucets near the edges or enjoy the rain shower. 


Final Words

If you’re planning to renovate the bathroom or swap the existing in-built bathtub, look no further than the freestanding bath! Not only do you get the freedom of choosing your favorite colors, fixtures, and size, but the entire installation process is also easy. Now the choice is yours; either you struggle with your in-built bathtub or enjoy hot baths in your freestanding tub.   

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