How Crystals Can Provide Life’s Balance

Life is all about balancing emotions and crystals are something that will help us to bring life into balance. It is all about finding the crystals with the reputations for doing that and the ones that work for you. This is where online companies and providers of crystals for healing can help.

So, let us consider some crystals that can benefit us in this way.

Most Effective Crystals for Emotional Balance

The top five most effective crystals for emotional balance include agate, bloodstone, calcite, amethyst, and carnelian. 

Agate consists of chalcedony and quartz in its composition. Bloodstone is so-named because of its spots of red resembling blood. Otherwise, it is predominantly green. Calcite is very soft in terms of its scratch hardness and has a value of just 3 on the Mohs scale. Moldavite encourages one to have a restful sleep. Amethyst is a popular crystal because of its gorgeous violet appearance. It is considered a powerful and protective crystal. Carnelian is certainly a crystal for balancing because it increases coordination during physical exercise. 

This leads us on to how each of these named crystals will help with emotional balance.


Agate helps those who use it for healing to overcome emotional traumas. It assists in eliminating bitterness and negativity and in taking away anger. It will give someone the courage they need to venture into new beginnings. As a promoter of love, it is very much about starting new romantic relationships and leaving the old ones behind that have gone sour.

To heal, the agate stone should be placed over the heart chakra energy point of your body.

Go for green agate as this is particularly helpful in terms of emotional balance.


Also capable of easing aggression, which is a form of anger, is the bloodstone. It will do this by grounding the heart’s energy. It will also ease impatience.

Perhaps more of a myth, the stone is thought to possess magical properties capable of ridding us of evil and even controlling the weather.

The bloodstone should ideally be worn all the time and then placed in a bowl of water during night-time for its owner to have restful sleep.


A good crystal for emotional balance, calcite comes in many varieties. Black to alleviate depression, blue to soothe anxiety and release negativity, orange to overcome depression, pink to allay grief and fear, and red to bring understanding.


Moldavite crystal is believed to have formed during the impact of a meteorite millions of years ago. Moldavite has high vibrational energy and is often used for meditation and crystal healing. Its frequency encourages spiritual growth and transformation. Moldavite crystal’s meaning is believed to be helping to clear negativity and promote emotional balance. It is believed to assist in the manifestation of our deepest desires. ”


Amethyst will balance the highs and lows of life using its power. It too can deal with anxiety and soften grief to help sufferers come to terms with it.

This crystal also cleanses auras and stimulates the crown and throat chakras. This happens when it is positioned close to the heart or throat area of the body when, for example, a necklace is worn.


To calm your rage and that of those around you, carnelian is the crystal to own. It will eliminate negativity and then substitute that for zest within your life. It achieves this by activating the sacral and base chakra.

The recommendation is that it should be worn as a pendant or perhaps a belt buckle.

In conclusion, all the above crystals will help with emotional balance, and there are other crystals not mentioned that will too. These can all be discovered by visiting a website that specializes in crystals and even by having a regular supply sent to you. This can be all worked out to achieve the balance and harmony of emotion that you desire.

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