Top 7 Advantages of Using Fifth Wheeler Caravan in Recreational Purposes

Guest post contributed by Joseph Webb


The caravans are widely used as mobile homes or recreational vehicles that help the users in having additional space for their enjoyment or family affairs. Now the fifth wheeler caravan adds an extra towing vehicle on the same tray of the towing Ute that is attached to the main vehicle with a rear axle. It is termed as ‘fifth wheel’ due to the presence of around coupling plate on the towing vehicle that rotates like a wheel, for moving forward this extra towing part of the caravan. There are many benefits of using this special caravan with more space, thus increasing its popularity among common people.


Facilities Available From the Uses of Fifth Wheeler Caravan

#1. The foremost benefits of this fifth wheeler vehicle are the availability of more space for the user, where he can store large appliances or extra luggage that are difficult to keep at home, due to the lack of space. Some of the fifth wheelers are even 25 – 28 foot long, which is as good as a fixed house in terms of living spaces.

#2. The extra towing vehicle can provide more space, due to the presence of sliding walls that can be removed for creating larger space inside. Thus, the fifth wheeler caravan can be successfully used as makeshift homes in many countries of the world, as the towing vehicle can be turned into a fine apartment with one large room or multiple small rooms. Many of these caravans have separate living rooms and kitchens at the backside of the vehicle.

#3. As the towing vehicle is attached to the rear axle of the caravan, it is more stable than the ordinary caravans, as the backside van hardly shakes unstable in this case. So there are lesser chances of accidents in the case of these vehicles and the users feel safer while living in these mobile homes.

#4. This new type of caravan is noted to be highly fuel efficient, compared to the other caravans of similar sizes. So the users can travel longer distances with the minimum fuel, and save a lot of money assigned for fuel expense.

#5. There is no extra input or shunting effect from the rear vehicle, which makes it a comfortable experience for the drivers of these fifth wheelers. Actually, the total weight of the caravan is perfectly distributed among all the wheels and not centrally located on the pivotal axis of the vehicle, unlike the other types of caravans.

#6. The length of the vehicles of the fifth wheelers is convenient for the users, as the lengths of the towing vehicles are overhung by the lengths of the fifth wheeler vehicle, making the total weight more evenly divided in the total vehicle.

#7. The heavy fifth wheeler vehicles are not easily swayed by the high winds of the coastal plains, which make these mobile homes even more stable than the ordinary homes of the vehicle owners.

Therefore, these fifth wheelers are constantly gaining more popularity among the common mass, in spite of their high prices, which is mainly due to the lesser number of production of these spacious vehicles. But these vehicles need to be advertised more in the media, so that more people can know about the amazing benefits of this type of mobile homes, resulting in their more production and lower costs. Some people may find the garaging of these huge vehicles a bit tough, though many people prefer to keep them in the open, as these vehicles are made to be safe from all weather hazards. Moreover, the selling prices of these vehicles are rising day by day, making it easier for the owners to sell their caravans when required. 

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