Tips for Mastering an Australian Cruise with Family

Even though family trips can be quite demanding in terms of planning and sticking to these plans, they are still the best investments in life. You create new memories together, see different parts of the world and learn a bunch of new things. One of the best types of family trips are definitely cruises – there are tons of interesting activities, you see more places at once and included food and drinks, which is a mitigating circumstance. All in all, cruises are definitely the most cost-effective all-in-one holiday package options for families. Here are some tips on how to have the best possible Australian family cruise experience.

Plan ahead

It is important that you determine the time of the year, where you want to go etc. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to manage this yourself, opt for hiring a travel agent. Dress for the climate you’re expecting, but consider packing some extras if the weather surprises you, just in case. When booking, ask about bathtubs as well as daycare options, review the cruise forum and check if there’s onboard medicine.

If you’re suffering from travel anxiety, the best advice is to arrive the day before the ship sails.

Know what to expect

What’s included largely depends on the cruise company, but at the very minimum, you can expect onboard entertainment, buffet, and drinks (without alcohol), kid clubs and accommodation. Choosing a child-friendly cruise has a lot of benefits; for example, you can have meals and watch shows together, there are many onboard activities, you will see many new places without having to drive etc.

Types of family-friendly cruises

The key in having the ultimate cruising experience is finding the cruise that suits your family best. Here’s a list of the most popular cruise lines in Australia for you to choose from.

Princess cruises

If your main interest is the widest range of cruising destinations possible, Princess Cruises offers you a huge range of routes around the whole world. There are youth centers as well as teen lounges which provide your children with daily entertainment in forms of craft projects, movies, science workshops, games, talent shows etc.

Carnival cruises

With an onboard water park, swimming pools, a mini golf course, basketball courts, etc., Carnival cruises are a dream come true for your children. Also, there are many play zones with different fun activities such as obstacle courses or treasure hunts. However, the best part is that all of this is included in your ticket price.

P & O cruises

Here you will find facilities for all ages – from adventure parks and game rooms all the way to swimming pools and kid clubs. Besides that, they also offer a wide range of live shows that are suitable for the whole family, as well as day trip options including power catamaran excursions if you are interested in expanding your holiday adventure.

Royal Caribbean cruises

Royal Caribbean cruises appeal to the whole family with their Adventure Ocean Youth programs, playgroups and Dreamworks experiences such as character appearances from the movies like Madagascar, Shrek, Kung fu panda etc. Also, there are activities such as mini golf, rock climbing, and ice skating.

Essential packing list

To make sure you are enjoying the beauty of Australia without any pressure before you set sail make sure your traveling essentials are packed.

Shoes and clothes

Since these are occupying the most of your luggage space, make sure you pack wisely and that you considered the season. This basically means bring warm clothes if you are traveling during winter, bring light clothes if you are traveling during spring or summer – but pack two or three sweatshirts and raincoats for everyone – just in case. Two pairs of jeans or two pairs of shorts (depending on the season) per person is perfectly enough, and, since cruise ships usually have pools and you will also be visiting a lot of beautiful beaches on the Australian coasts, don’t forget your swimsuits and diving equipment. Last but not least, take no more than one pair sneakers and sandals or slippers.

P.S. hats are also mandatory!


Make sure you don’t forget the following:

  • Band-aid
  • something for the pain and high temperature
  • digestion pills
  • antibiotics – just in case
  • sunscreen (a lot of it)
  • wet wipes
  • sea sickness tablets

Finally, since you may or may not spend some time at the cabin, bring something to pass the time, like board games, for example. And if you want to remember more things and facts, make sure you bring your notepad and at least two pens – this country will give you so much to write about – trust me.

Have a great time – bon voyage.

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