5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Wedding Destination

Guest post contributed by Irshad Alam

It is every bride’s dream to tie the knot at the perfect wedding venue. A destination wedding is something that is most coveted these days and as this is one of the most special days of life that is never going to come back, you don’t want to leave any stones unturned to achieve perfection.

But what if you are one of those couples who have not decided on their dream venue prior to the engagement! Well! Nothing to worry! Here are some questions that will help you to decide on the venue. Just read on to know.

  • What kind of weather do you prefer – cold or hot? What do you like more – a beach or a mountain top? – You should figure out the time of the year that you are getting married and the kind of weather that you will like to enjoy on your special day. This will help you to decide the venue accordingly.
  • Do the guests have passports? – This is one of the most crucial factors to consider. If passports are required then you must dig deep to understand how many of the guests have passports and will be able to fly. Otherwise, there can be a lot of nuisance that can crop up as it will prevent many guests to accept your invitation. If such a thing arises then it is best to search the country you are living in and there must be a place that you love there to host the grand event.
  • Have you ever been to such a place in the past that has left a permanent mark on your mind? – Try to remember a destination that you may have visited with your fiancé for a day and have loved it. It can be a day on a cruise, a far-off land or a yurt! You should research all the potential venues. If it is a vital place for you and your would-be hubby then spending the important day there with your family will be just splendid.
  • What is your budget? – Your budget is one of the most vital considerations that you need to make prior to choosing the wedding venue. Have an approximate value in mind at the beginning of the search. You should also consider what is included in each venue’s cost like catering services, food, beverage or linens. Ask a plethora of questions to ensure that you are getting the true value for your money.
  • What about the budget of the guests? – There are a lot of all-inclusive hotels that are available today. But they are only affordable to the groom and the bride as they impose their cost obligation on the guests who attend their big day. You just get to dictate what they are eating on the special day. For the rest of the days everybody is paying for their own food and beverages. Some of the guests may want to stay at a different hotel or even rent a house. Also there can be multiple weddings going on the same day. You have to consider all these at the time of considering your package.

The above are some of the questions that you should ask yourself at the time of choosing your wedding venue. These are suggested by the professional party planning company that has helped millions to organize the wedding that they have always dreamt of.

Image source: The wedding photo used in this post was taken by Smart, be sure to stop by and take a look at their wedding photography course.

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