4 Classic American Highway Routes to Travel with Your Family

Hitting the open road with your family can be a great way for all of you to enjoy some bonding time while taking in the sights of expansive landscapes and intriguing roadside attractions. The U.S. is famous for having some of the best highways for road trips, and traveling along many of these thoroughfares will allow you to discover things that you might not have known existed. These four classic American highway routes are perfect for family road trips.

Route 66

Spanning from Chicago, IL, to Santa Monica, CA, this historic highway passes through eight states and offers one of the best ways to experience the authenticity of America. Old motels and diners – some of which have been turned into quirky museums – still line much of the route. Iconic road signs can also be seen along the route. You can even pay a visit to the restored Soulby’s Service Station in Mt. Olive, IL. Other unique landmarks that you might see on your journey include the leaning water tower near Groom, TX, and the Arizona ghost town known as Two Guns.

California State Route 1

If you and your family enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, a trip along this scenic highway will be ideal. California State Route 1 runs from San Francisco to Los Angeles and provides the opportunity to visit some of California’s best beaches and coastal towns. Much of the freeway winds along rocky cliffs that hover above ocean waves crashing onto the shore. Whether you choose to take your car or get an RV from a reputable RV dealer, just about any type of motorized vehicle will be suitable for the journey.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

You can travel from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park to North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park along this designated parkway. Old farmhouses and mills dating back more than a century are visible along certain points of the route. Some of the most spectacular views of open mountainous landscapes can be seen from Craggy Gardens and the East Fork Overlook. The fall season is one of the best times of year to take a trip along this parkway when colorful autumn leaves are abundant.

US Route 20

For a cross-country adventure, consider driving along U.S. Route 20, which connects Boston, MA, to Newport, OR, and is the longest highway in the country. Passing through twelve states, this thoroughfare allows you to see the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast without having to take a flight. Highlights along the route include Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the TePee hotdog stand, and the Petrified Creature Museum of Natural History.

Driving along any of these highways will give everyone in your family more reason to celebrate your time together. No matter what people’s interests are, these routes have something special for everyone.

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