Top 5 Most Romantic Weekend Gateways in Europe

Spring has sprung and we are already making new plans for weekend getaways with our better half. Don’t worry if you did not spoil your girlfriend or boyfriend with a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. You can celebrate love every month and you do not need a special occasion to go with your partner on a romantic weekend escape. If you are brainstorming for locations, you will most definitely reach the conclusion that there is no better place than Europe to enjoy romance.

If you think that Europe is pretty broad, we have tried to narrow the list and picked the best locations for you and your partner. Europe is full of history and romanticism. Therefore, our decision to choose only 5 places where to spend a romantic weekend has been extremely difficult.

All these being said, check the list below and hurry in reserving the plane tickets for the next weekend in one of these locations. And don’t forget to make sure your transportation is locked in. You’ll have to get around, after all. A company like can help you with your rental needs. 

Top 5 Best Locations in Europe for a Romantic Weekend

  1. France

If you are looking for the “city of love”, then you definitely need to go to Paris. You will be amazed how this city can combine the old and the new, thus surprising its visitors every time. Moreover, Paris is full of flavor, being recognized as the city with the most exquisite foods in the world. Make a nice surprise to your partner and take him or her to the Eiffel Tower. End the day with a nice and relaxing picnic in the nearby lawn.

You cannot also miss the Arc de Triumph and the Jardin des Tuileries. They will complete your romantic gateway with a touch of history and elegance. Furthermore, add a little sweetness to your weekend and go to Laduree. You cannot miss the Parisian treats such as macaroons and other delicacies.

  1. Italy

The city of Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the cities in Europe with a very long history. This city is not only characterized by history, but also by romanticism. Rome is considered one of the most romantic places in Europe, preferred by millions of tourists annually. Just imagine how your weekend would look like while you are walking on the cobblestone streets and visit Rome’s amazing historical sites. If this did not convince you yet, there is even more to discover. A romantic gateway is not perfect without enjoying a delicious meal in the city you are visiting. The great Italian food will most certainly convince you to come back over and over again.

If you do not know where to start when in Rome, you can choose the Flavian Amphitheater and explore how it was like during the gladiators’ era. If you are curious about more history and breathtaking places, you can choose the Roman forum where you will discover the Temple of Saturn and the Arch of Titus. If you start feeling hungry after all the visiting, take a walk in the Campo de’ Fiori where you will meet the farmers and fishermen who come here to sell their captures and fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Spain

Madrid has all the ingredients for a perfect, romantic escape. If you decide to visit it during the spring, it will certainly charm you. Moreover, if you and your partner like art, then there is no better place like the Prado Museum where you can combine your passion with a romantic walk. This Museum is one of the few in the world where you will find the most extensive art collections. Therefore, it must be on your checklist when you go to Madrid.

Furthermore, if you want to feel how it is like to be a “Madrileño”, then you cannot miss the Puerta del Sol plaza. It is considered the cultural center of Madrid and it will keep you entertained during your weekend.

  1. Italy Again!

Italy is not all about its capital, Rome. Another breathtaking city, just perfect for lovers, is Venice. Everyone loves this city for its river streets where a lot of love stories have been written while sailing along the canals. Take your loved one’s hand and go for a ride with the gondola. Moreover, do not miss Venice’s famous tradition, the kiss under the bridge while you are enjoying the gondola ride.

But Venice does not mean only river streets. You can also to go to the Piazza San Marco and visit the Basilica di San Marco that is going to impress you with its beautiful architecture. Venice offers you a lot of alternatives to spend a romantic weekend. Apart from the above mentioned, another option would be to take a boat ride down the Grand Canal. From here you will see this magnificent city and relax together with your partner in one of the most amazing places in Europe.

  1. The Czech Republic

If you are looking for a romantic destination with castles and cobblestone streets, then you cannot miss Prague. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe and it has the potential to become also a perfect romantic gateway. If you like history and architecture, then Prague is what you need. You will certainly like the 13th-century buildings. Just think a bit of the Old Town building and you will find the answer you were looking for: you picked the right place to spend a romantic weekend.

All in all, it does not matter which destination you are going to choose. As long as you add love to your weekend, everything will be perfect. These places will make the entire experience a memorable one and you will most probably revisit them whenever you can.

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