5 Edging Ideas for Your Asphalt Driveway 

The edges of your asphalt driveway are the first areas to show wear and tear. These edges tend to soften and crumble sooner than the other areas of the pavement. This is because the edges are less compact and are more prone to damage from surrounding vegetation, whether from the roots of the plants and trees nearby or from the runoff water coming from the yard. In these cases, you may opt to put some edging on your driveway to protect the asphalt from natural wear and tear. Not only driveway edges will protect your asphalt, placing borders on your driveway also enhances your home’s curb appeal by highlighting your driveway from your home’s landscape.

Types of Driveway Edging

There are three types of Driveway Edging that you can choose from: 

Flat Driveway Edging

In a Flat Driveway Edging, the edges sit on the same level as your main driveway. The key to making it stand out is by creating a contrast of colors and texture between your asphalt driveway and your edging.

To create a more striking edging, you might want to consider using two layers of material to make your edging wider and bolder. Again in a flat driveway edging, the key is to make borders that are easily noticeable and create such unique and attractive contrast. To achieve this, some homeowners would make a more personalized design on their driveways by creating various patterns with bricks or pavers, with the basket-weave as the most commonly used pattern. Others also prefer using different colored bricks, pavers or blocks to add more distinctiveness to their driveway. 

Raised Driveway Edging

As its name suggests, a Raised Driveway Edging is one in which the border is slightly elevated in which the height of the border extends above the height of the actual asphalt structure. Larger-sized bricks, pavers or blocks are usually used to carry out this type of design. Frequently this kind of edging works best with rustic-themed designs with river wood or logs as the material. 

Once you have decided on how you want the edging to appear, it’s time to select the material that would meet your preferences. 

Driveway Edging Ideas

Brick and Paver Edging

Brick pavers are one of the most typically used materials for edging because they add a pop of color that highlights the driveway edges and complement well the black or grey color of the bitumen. Brick pavers are frequently placed end-to-end, side-by-side or in a basket-weave pattern design.

If you like to use brick pavers or blocks in a raised driveway edging, we suggest that you go with adding key kerbs that accentuates the perimeters of your driveway and that of your lawn. This way, you also get to add an extra layer of protection on both your asphalt driveway and your lawn grass. 

Stone Edging

Depending on your choice of stone, stone edging is considered as an expensive option. But if the aesthetic of your driveway matters a lot to you, then this could be a unique choice. This design is even more perfect if you line both sides of your driveway in two rows with a unique pattern that you like. 

Rounded Edge Stamp

A Rounded Edge Stamp is great for emphasizing the curvature of your driveway. It elicits distinction between the space covered by your driveway and your garden area. This method involves using an edge stamping tool that compresses the edges of your driveway to give it a round shape.

River Rock Edged Pathway

If you prefer a more “eco-friendly” vibe to your driveway, you can choose river rocks as your edging material. River rocks are easy to procure and creates a natural finish especially to a plain, black asphalt pavement. 

Timber Edging

If you want to use timber instead of pavers or stones, just make sure that you are using pressure-treated timbers or rot-resistant wood to avoid rapid decay. Landscape timber is good for plain and straight asphalt driveways, plus you can be more creative like stacking it up to create a broader and more unique design to define the borders of your driveway. 

The main purpose of edging your driveway is to protect your asphalt from chipping, crumbling and other damage from the foliage surrounding your asphalt pavement. Securing the edges will help you prolong your driveway’s lifespan so the extra curb appeal is just really an added benefit. But regardless of the aesthetic appeal from these driveway ideas, what you should always be mindful of is the state of your driveway before adding any extra layer of protection or design. Make sure that your asphalt pavement is in great condition otherwise don’t hesitate to call a driveway repair in Fairfax VA to help you with driveway paving or fix any issues that you may have on your driveway. 


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  1. I love how you suggested something like an eco-friendly solution for driveway edging. Using some decorative river rocks could be a great idea for us since they can also bring in a sort of “tropical” look if we do it right. After laying down a driveway with a local paving contractor, I’ll use this idea to make it look great.

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