What to Look for in a Good Quality Synthetic Grass

The use of synthetic grass is widespread today, and it is not uncommon to see sports arenas, commercial areas, and residential lawns with artificial grass. The main reason behind this is easy care and maintenance as there is no need for any regular trimming or watering or the need for sunlight to keep the grass healthy. Thus, one can enjoy fresh green lawns at any time of the year.

The brief history of synthetic grass

Synthetic grass was surfaced about five decades ago when it was first used in Houston Astrodome and was seen as a Chem Grass. It was the first domed indoor multipurpose sports stadium where it was not possible to grow real grass. Gradually, its popularity spread, and today, the second generation and third generation turf systems have replaced the first-generation artificial grass fibers. Today, mixtures of sand recycled rubber are used to create the longer fibers of synthetic grasses.

Artificial grass is made from fibers that look like real grass, and one can pick grass blades in different shades of green and in different pile heights. The making of synthetic grass sheets is very similar to that of a carpet as it has a solid backing on which those artificial grass blades are stitched on. The latest designs even have a mix of some dull brown patches to mimic the real grass lawns. There is no denying that artificial grass technology has made leaps and bounds and has become al a lot finer and more realistic when it comes to looks and feels.

Benefits of synthetic grass

There are several good reasons as to why they use of synthetic grass is getting not only commoner but more widespread. In fact, in many areas, it is a lot cheaper and feasible to have artificial grass instead of the real grass lawns. Today, manmade grass can be seen in soccer complexes, batting cages, and baseball fields as well as in residential and commercial landscaping.

Here are some good reasons as to why you should consider a synthetic grass install:

  • You can save on time, money and efforts when you use artificial grass for landscaping. Growing and tending to natural grass means you would need 55 gallons of water per square feet every year. Thus, when you use artificial grass, you do away with the need for watering and can save on water bills.
  • As real grass is not easy to grow in certain parts of the country and in drought conditions, it is easier to install and use synthetic grass. Now you can keep your lawns and indoors areas green and fresh whole year round, no matter what the weather conditions are.
  • Synthetic grass can last much longer, and you need to replace it after two decades. On the other hand, the real grass needs careful looking after and can quickly die. Artificial grass installation is faster and easier and once you have it in place, your indoor area or lawns will always be green.
  • As there is no need for regular care and landscaping, you do away with the need for weed control products, fertilizers, pest control products, and lawn care equipment. Thus, you save on your efforts and money.

When picking the right kind of synthetic grass, be aware of the common problems with synthetic grass. Compare different grass products and go for the best quality, as that will determine as to how long it will last and keep looking good. Inspect the backing material and it should be preferably polyurethane and not latex.  The protectant coating should be UV-resistant, or the synthetic grasses will pale off with time and look faded. The materials used should be free of any lead and toxic materials.


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