House Hacks: 3 Things to Ask Your Plumber

When you have issues with your pipes, drains, and more, you need to contact a plumber like 5 Star Plumbing. As a homeowner, it is your right to know what is going on with your house. Your plumber should provide you with all the information they have about the quality of your pipes and more. Here are three things to ask your plumber.

What are your rates?

The cost of a plumber visit can range from $174 to $454. This cost will depend largely on the size of the project. A clogged drain will cost less than fixing a burst pipe. You should tell the plumber exactly what you need to be remedied. There might be a chance that there are more problems than you realize, and the initial estimate might be increased after further inspection by your plumber.

How long will this take to fix?

Some plumbing jobs can be accomplished in one visit, but other projects might take several appointments. You should have some idea before you contact your plumber. If they have a particularly tight schedule and won’t be able to finish it as quickly as you’d like, you may have to look for another plumber. You should not make any unreasonable insistence that would compromise the quality of your plumber’s work.

How can this issue be prevented in the future?

A qualified plumber will not only solve a problem. They will also give you advice for ensuring that you don’t have to deal with it again. If you have pipes that froze during the winter, they should advise you to run cold water at a trickle in order to keep the water flowing. If their diagnosis recommends a significant overhaul of your pipes, you should definitely take it seriously.

Signs of a good plumber

You want your plumber to be qualified. This means they’ll be insured and have a thorough understanding of how different plumbing systems work. They should also be aware of quality customer service and stress, clear communication, and honesty with you at every turn of their work with you.

When working with a plumber, you want to trust their judgment but also make sure to be conscientious of their plan. Ask as many questions as possible and make sure that you have all the information necessary that can help you after their visit as well. Should anything go wrong with your pipes or drains, you want to make sure you have the best plumber possible.

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