What You Should Know to Buy Real Estate in Wrightsville Beach

If you are looking for real estate in North Carolina, then Wrightsville Beach is a place to consider because of its affordable living costs and lower taxes, as well as its beaches and its many attractions. For details of Wrightsville Beach Homes for Sale, you can follow the link.

So, let us consider what we should know when looking to buy a home at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. We will be looking at what the costs of living are in the area in general and the facilities and attractions Wrightsville Beach has to offer those living there.

How Much Do I Need to Earn to Live in North Carolina?

To live comfortably in North Carolina, the average resident is thought to need to earn no less than $3,969 per month before taxes. So, this gives you an idea of how affordable Wrightsville Beach would be for you.

In June 2021, the average list price for a Wrightsville Beach home was $1.1m. It has trended upwards over a year-on-year period of growth. This average listing price equates to $699 per square foot. The median sale price was recorded as $940k. It is a seller’s market now, meaning that there are a lot more people looking for houses than selling them. So, you need to move fast when you see Wrightsville Beach real estate that you are interested in. It is better to contact the real estate agent sooner rather than later, so as not to end up disappointed that you missed out on that dream beach house. It is everyone’s idea of paradise to live so close to a beach and the sea. This applies to whatever part of the world you might be from.

Is North Carolina Suitable for Retirement?

In North Carolina, the cost of living for retirees has been reported as 3.7% cheaper than the national average. This makes it an affordable place to settle down when a working life has turned into leisure.

North Carolina no longer taxes Social Security income and taxes are mostly low. It offers seniors tax breaks. So, this makes locations in North Carolina great places to settle down in later years. A lower average cost of living will make things like groceries affordable when it comes to making income saved over the previous years.

Out of all the states, North Carolina has been named the third most popular for those of retirement age. So, that is a testament to its suitability for that kind of living.

What Wrightsville Beach Has to Offer?

Thinking about Wrightsville Beach specifically as a place to live will mean thinking about just what attractions it has to offer because these are open to residents as they are open to tourists who can only get a glimpse of them.

Such attractions of interest include Fred and Alice Standback Coastal Education Center, Loop at Wrightsville Beach, Mansonboro Island Estuarine Reserve, Mercer’s Pier, Wrightsville Beach Museum of History, Wrightsville Beach Causeway with boat ramp, and Wrightsville Beach Park / Arboretum.

To enjoy the beach, you can walk or bike the Wrightsville loop, enjoy a coffee at SUNdays Surf Café, enjoy the views regularly at Crystal Pier, and sample Lighthouse Beer and Wine. There is plenty to enjoy whatever your age and the ages of your family members.

There is much for residents to enjoy in terms of the beach and the water. All these pursuits available to tourists bring, of course, income to the area and make for better standards of living for Wrightsville Beach occupants.

In terms of safety, Wrightsville Beach is as safe as the North Carolina average, so you have no worries there. It is a nice place to settle down, whether continuing to work or retiring.

To conclude, North Carolina, in general, offers affordable living whether still working or retiring. The attractions at Wrightsville, such as the beach and waters, offer an idyllic lifestyle. So, what is not to love about Wrightsville Beach and its properties?

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  1. Covering essential aspects from market trends to local insights, it’s a must-read for anyone considering real estate in Wrightsville Beach. Well done! But you didn’t mention Property inspection, the most important thing to keep in mind because of the beach there would be potential mold growth and to know its status mold inspection is compulsory.

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