How to Get Beautifully Painted Floors

Most homeowners who are thinking of a way to improve the appearance of their homes often neglect to see the floor that they are standing on. Many will focus on the walls, the ceiling, or even household fixtures. Looking down, the floor can be a very fascinating canvas to work your creativity and give your home a much-needed facelift. Here’s how to get really beautifully painted floors for your home.

It is important to thoroughly clean the floor you want to work on. You don’t want dirt, dust, and other particles to be present on the surface of your floor once you start applying the primer. Experts recommend sanding your floor surface to make sure that it is even and flat. It is also highly recommended that you apply a layer of primer using a paintbrush instead of the usual paint roller. Rollers tend to create a floor texture that looks more like an orange peel. Additionally, the paint doesn’t adhere to the surface which can affect the required sheen.

The same is true when applying epoxy on floors. While epoxy floorings are primarily intended for commercial and industrial establishments, their ability to keep the integrity of the floor can also be extended to ordinary homes. Epoxy floors provide a durable and smooth surface that will last many years even when exposed to a lot of spills, oil, dust, and grime such as what are usually present in garages. Applying epoxy coating requires the floor to be as smooth and even as possible.

Always invest in high-quality paints. They may be more expensive, but they offer you durability, quality, and sheen that low-quality paints simply cannot replicate. However, it is very important to use only the kind of paint that is appropriate to the material on your floor. You also have the option to use latex or oil-based paints. Some home improvement specialists go for oil-based paints because they have exceptional high-gloss properties and come in rich and vivid colors. On the downside, they tend to yellow.

Experiment with patterns and solid colors. Don’t be afraid to be daring in your color and pattern choices. However, it is imperative that you also take into consideration other elements in your house. Tan, white, and black are always safe colors to begin with. If you want to add drama to your room, you can go for more sophisticated, albeit dark tones on your floor. If you require subtle details, more natural details such as faux bois should do the trick. If you want something that can create an immediate impact, go for bolder patterns as these can fuse together the various elements of your room.

This is one of the trickiest aspects of painting a floor. It is crucial to use patterns that allow for continuity and in scales that are appropriate to the size of your room. While it is easy to see that you’d be tempted to go for large motifs, it can actually detract from the aesthetics of your home. It is always best to coordinate your floor paint styling with the other design elements of your home.


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