Fun Kid Birthday Party Ideas for a Family with a Smaller House

Living in a smaller house is a smart way to conserve financial resources, but there are some disadvantages associated with having a smaller house. For example, many parents host a child’s birthday party at their house to save money on this big event. When you have a smaller home, hosting a dozen or more kids as well as their parents in your space may by impractical. Fortunately, there are a few alternative ideas that may work well for your situation.

A Backyard Bounce House

While the interior of your home may not be suitable for hosting a big gathering, you can extend the party space to the outdoors. Even if you have a moderately-sized backyard, it may be large enough to accommodate a bounce house for the kids. When the weather is nice, you can open the doors to your home so that parents and kids can maneuver easily between the interior and exterior of your home. An alternative is to put a bounce house in the front yard and to host the party out of the garage.

A Park Party

Many public parks have large covered areas that may be ideal for hosting a birthday party. These areas may have grill facilities so that you can make burgers and hot dogs, or you may bring sandwiches or pizza with you. There may be a playground or even a large open area that is ideal for many types of sports and games for the kids to enjoy.

A Party Room

The previous two ideas work well when you are hosting a party when weather conditions are expected to be mild. If you are hosting a party in the middle of a hot summer or in the dead of winter, an outdoor event is not practical. A great alternative is to rent a kids birthday party room at a local restaurant. These spaces are usually enclosed and rather large. They provide room for party games, eating and other activities. More than that, they are usually more affordable to rent than what you would pay for a party at a local entertainment venue.

Living frugally in a smaller house is a smart idea, but there are times when you may have a few extra expenses as a result. When you are planning a child’s birthday party, you understandably need more space to host the event than what is available in your small home. Spend time exploring each of these ideas carefully as you decide where to host your event.

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