Tips for Doing Your Own Gutter Cleaning

Building a dream house and maintaining it can be very challenging. Do you want to see that your dream is crumbling owing to water seepage from the roof and cracks developing on the walls due to clogged gutters? Well, you need to do gutter cleaning at least twice a year to save your dream home from water and other blockages. One can appoint a professional for the job, but gutter cleaning can be done without any professional help. If you have any blockages in the gutters or drainage system, then you need to hire the trained professional.

The Need for Cleaning

If you do not clean the gutters at a regular interval, they get clogged, and water seepage starts to begin damaging the roofing, and the paints weakening the building construction as well as ruining the looks. Gutter cleaning is necessary as they fill up with leaves, debris or other materials accumulating in them blown away by the wind, and ultimately, they block the waters from rain or the melting snow, turning the place a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bugs. Cleaning the gutters on your own saves lot of money and you just need to buy few DIY tools for cleaning them. Apart from that, clogged gutters can spread germs inside your area and you need to clean them on regular basis. If you find any lockage in the gutter, then you must call the trained professional to clean them. They have advanced tools and they can also conduct CCTVs inspection to identify the clogged areas of your gutters.

Tools Required for Cleaning Gutters

Some necessary tools are required for gutter cleaning, and almost all household have them for their gardening purpose and other usages.  One needs to have a trowel for scooping up the leaves, debris or the masses that have piled up in the gutters, a collection bucket or a bin bag and a ladder to reach the channel. Since it is a matter of height that one needs to climb, a safety harness may be used to boost up the confidence for climbing up the ladders. A pair of gloves comes in handy to avoid direct contact with the mess and preventing allergy and other skin diseases.

Cleaning the Gutter on Your Own

After all the preparations are made, it is time to start your gutter cleaning. In the beginning, plan from where to start and where to end. However, it is always better to start from the top end and come down cleaning. If you have multiple layers of gutters, then clean them from the highest tier.

  • Digging from A Drain Outlet: Start the cleaning digging the debris and other mess from a drain outlet as it will serve as an opening.  Scoop out the matters with the trowel and collect them in the basket of the bin bag.
  • Clearing the Drain Pipes: Make sure that the drainpipes are clear of any blockages so that water can flow freely without any obstacle.
  • Blasting the Gutter with Water: After all the mess have been removed from the gutter, and the drainpipes, the roof, and other layers are cleaned of the debris, it is time to blast the gutter with water at high pressure flowing through a hose pipe.

It is not at all difficult to clean the gutters on your own and save some money for not taking the professional help. Gutter cleaning must be done at least twice a year to protect the house from damages caused by water leakage.

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  1. Cleaning our own gutter can save as money and we can asses the damage of gutter. If in case we need to replace new gutter.

  2. I’ve tried doing gutter cleaning before and never had much luck. I’ll take your tips into consideration and try again! I’d love to be able to do it myself to save on money.

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