How Your Office Environment Can Boost Productivity

Productivity is often thought of as something we have control of. On the days where we are focused and interested, we’re much more productive than when we are distracted or disengaged.

While your productivity is definitely affected by your own internal factors, it can also be affected by external influences. Your office environment plays a major part in your productivity so it’s worthwhile to address your workspace and make it as productive as possible.  Whether you work at home, in a small office space, or a large corporate building, there are things you can do to your office to make yourself or your team more productive.

Room for Movement

It’s long been known that sitting is horrible for your health and it’s even been labeled as the new smoking. Unfortunately, the way of office work leaves many of us sitting in one spot for most of the 8-hour workday. Without frequent breaks and movement, such a sedentary lifestyle can increase various types of dangerous diseases including cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, it’s important to have an office space that allows for movement and activity. It’s recommended that office workers should stand up every 30 minutes. If you work at home, this is simple to do and will depend on your own discipline in moving your body around.

In a more formal office space, workers can incorporate standing desks and alternate between standing and sitting while not disrupting their work.

Other options can mean having breakout spaces where teams can work together on a project and specific lunch areas. Both rooms will encourage workers to move around. From this perspective shared spaces should be a great fit for any business striving to establish a collaborative working atmosphere. According to statistics, in the United States, around 71% of workers reported an increased rate of productivity and creativity, as they felt more engaged and motivated while working in flexible spaces. Reckoning the rising popularity of these new workspaces, you can consider a shared office space in Tampa, as one of the areas with fostered coworking culture or similar U.S. cities, as an effective contribution to your business.

How does this increase productivity? Simply put, healthy workers will be more engaged and productive at work.

Professional Development

Being engaged at work can dramatically improve your productivity. There are many ways to be more engaged, but it’s something many people struggle with. One way that can help improve your engagement and productivity is to develop your skills.

Learning new skills and information in your profession can help you become more engaged as you apply new skills to your work. With the internet, there’s a huge amount of ways to develop professionally. While there’s endless free information online, taking courses with recognized certifications will always provide great value. Again, the internet has made this possible to do from wherever you can with education providers like Upskilled.

Snack Up

Do you find yourself craving a snack a few hours after lunch? Your productivity slows down and all you can think about is that 3pm chocolate bar. Snacks can definitely help improve productivity but it’s important that the snacks are healthy.

Getting some healthy office snacks can improve your productivity, engagement, and your overall health and happiness.

Talk to your manager about getting snack delivery for your office as a way to improve productivity.

Let the Sun Shine

The amount of natural light you get can definitely impact your productivity. If the only light you get is office UV lights, it can have a significant effect on your health. UV can cause UV-related eye disease, cause melatonin suppression which affects your sleep and it can exacerbate skin conditions and epilepsy.

On the other hand, vitamin D from natural sunlight exposure can improve your sleep, alertness, and motivation. If you can’t get natural sunlight into your office, consider using LED lights which may be better than fluorescent bulbs. A Cornell study found that lensed-indirect lighting can also be more beneficial for office workers.

Incorporate Nature

Plants are important for the planet’s ecosystem and life itself, but they can also be important for your office. A 2014 study found that workers in offices with plants showed a 15% higher productivity rate compared to those without green plants.

In addition to this, having certain plants in the office, such as Gerbera daisies, mums, Mass Canes can promote healthier indoor air by removing a significant amount of volatile organic compounds from the air. Better air quality has been shown to improve cognitive function which will improve productivity.

Contributed by Jade Anderson

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