Tips To Choose The Right Accessory For Your Skin Tone

The right choice of accessory can make or break any outfit and to pick the perfect pieces of jewellery is not that easy at all. Wearing a good accessory is simply not enough when trying to achieve an impeccably stylish look. Matching jewellery with the outfit, balancing styles and avoiding excessive details are some of the things to take into account, but first of all, make sure to find the pieces that will match your skin tone. One fabulous neckless can be invisible simply because it does not match the skin. Take a look at these tips and figure out what will suit you the best.

Define your skin tone

Defining your skin tone is important, not only for choosing the right makeup but to pick the right jewellery that will make you glow. The best way to determine your skin tone is to look at the skin on your wrists. Since it is the part of the body that doesn’t get much sunlight, skin and the colour of the veins will tell for sure whether your skin is cool toned or warm toned. The veins that are more of a blue colour show that your skin tone is cool, but if your veins are more of greenish than you are warm-toned. If you are neither of those, you are lucky enough to have neutral skin tone.

What goes with warm skin tones

Warm skin tone is ideal for yellow, orange and green colors. Yellow metals like gold or bronze will look fantastic on the warm-toned skin. Bronze-tone skin can go well with pearls also but consider some gemstones to highlight your tan as well as taste in jewelry. Wear stones like jade or emerald, yellow sapphire or moonstone. Also, jewelry in the light colors of ivory, eggshell or even white pieces will have a radiant effect on warm skin tone.

Best jewelry for cool skin tones

Cool skin tones will go well with white metals like silver, white gold or platinum. Pearls will shine on fair skin as well as jewelry with red, purple and blue colors. Red gemstones are ruby and tourmaline while purple includes fluorite, sapphire, and amethyst. Blue jewelry will look fantastic on cool tone skin if you include blue sapphire and topaz. Emphasizing the pale tan can go a step further by wearing dark coloured jewelry, like black pearl necklace and grey or black bracelets.

Neutral skin tone

The neutral tone is of two categories and ranges between pink and olive coloured skin. Since there is no dominant colour, neutral skin tone is easy to match with a wide range of colours, clothes, and jewellery. Those with neutral skin tone should experiment with any accessory they like, for example, eternity collars are very popular at the moment. They are available in a variety of styles online, in fact, you can get here now on Etsy if you’re interested! 

People with neutral skin tones should also consider wearing warm gemstones with white metal or wearing a multicolour jewellery. Women, especially, with neutral skin tone can easily pull it off.

Choose proper eyewear

Eyewear is the piece of functional accessory that serves more than aesthetic purpose, so picking the right piece is of great importance. Advice form Spec Specialists, eyewear and eyecare center is where you consult the professional optometrist first and evaluate visual appeal of eyeglasses later. Cool-toned skin goes well with more of classic glass frames like black, silver, purple or grey. The contrast of light skin and dark frames will have a great visual effect. Women with warm skin tone should go for brighter colours of frames like yellow, ivory, light red, etc.

Win-win combination

Although not surprising at all yet important to highlight, jewelry that matches well with any skin are the diamonds. Diamonds are a glamorous jewelry that never goes out of fashion and a perfect accessory for any woman who wants to look dazzling. Since diamonds are forever, whether you are neutral, warm or cool-toned, wear them and worry not because you are going to look fabulous and feel even better.


As seen above, there are many things to consider when choosing the right accessory, starting with your skin tone. However, choosing the accessory doesn’t end with matching it with outfit or skin tone since you should take your hair and eye colour into consideration, as well as the shape of the face. In the end, buying accessory is all about personal preferences, while these tips are merely guidelines. The best way to see if something works is to try it on and see if you like it.


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