How to Make a Perfect Goal Statement for Grad School

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A goal statement is another document required for applying for a college. Having your GPAs and academic records is not enough. The admission panel would like to understand what kind of person is going to study at their institution. They need to see what your interests are and how their program would be beneficial for you. It might seem unnecessary, but in fact, a clear statement of goals is more of an advantage for you as it helps show your unique personality and your understanding of a school’s mission. The idea here is to make sure your vision aligns with theirs. So a goal statement for graduate school is a crucial step in one’s application. It can be quite a challenging task to make it outstanding, but it is in your interest to do your best. In case you need any help with any step of your application or if even after enrollment you feel that you need assistance, consider addressing this graduate paper writing service. The experts there will deal with your writing assignments perfectly. 

Yet, if you have the power for writing a goal statement for graduate school by yourself, please follow the tips below and you will have your paper stand out amongst tons of submissions. For inspiration, we would recommend starting by checking the samples to see how they can be done.

Think of the outline

Brainstorm the ideas and how you would arrange them. Start with an outline of the things you want to talk about. You might think about the key points of your narration and some additional details to back up your statement of goals. It is also a good idea to think about the format in advance. The way how you structure your thoughts is crucial as it will show the admission board how professional you are. The usual length of the academic goals statement is up to two pages. It is a must to be coherent with your space, font, and font size. Make sure your margins also look nice. You can also give your statement to your adviser or a teacher who can provide detailed feedback.

Craft your introduction 

Here you should simply tell about yourself and your motivation to join this program. Make sure you manifest your true self but in a flattering way of course. You may also add details that influenced you to choose this direction of study. Perhaps, it was someone from your family or your circle of people whose suit you would like to follow. Try to add real-life stories, especially those that could express your unique traits, show your creativity, flexibility, determination, ability to single-handle problems, etc. 

Main paragraphs to describe your background

Here you can discuss your academic achievements, knowledge you got from your research work, volunteering, work experiences, etc. This should prove your interest in the program you are applying to, so make sure these details are well-illustrative. Think of the project you participated in or had a lead role in. Provide the results you achieved, what the issues were, and how you dealt with them. It can be a good opportunity to show your resilience in times when it is needed.

Don’t forget to mention your awards, teachers, supervisors, and companies you worked with. Also, one of the paragraphs should talk about your transcript. Treat it as a self-assessment of your records; you may explain some gaps if needed.

It is also a good idea to mention a professor in the department you hope to join. On top of that, be sure to state why you as a candidate will really fit the faculty. Speak there also about your future professional goals, say where you are going to use the knowledge you are about to gain. That will help your application be noticed in the pile of others.


In the end, you could restate the key points you mentioned before. Highlight your major advantages and how significant this program will be for you. All in all, with all of the things mentioned above your statement, will be definitely convincing enough to get you a place in your dream institution. 

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