How to Accessorize with Jewelry: 10 Steps

We all know that an outfit is not complete without jewelery. When you choose the right jewelery your entire outfit will create an amazing look. But when you choose the wrong jewelery you can ruin your entire look. It can make your whole outfit look unpolished and rushed. If you are struggling with figuring out how to accessorize, here are 10 steps to take. 

Occasions are Important

When you are picking out your outfit you are thinking about what occasion you are dressing for. There are some accessories that will be too much and dressy for some events while others will be too simple. 

Start with Color Scheme

One of the most important things that you need to do in order to accessorize properly is to figure out your color scheme. If you are not someone who is good with matching colors you can help yourself by looking at the color wheel to make the perfect combo. Another thing that you need to think about is the hues and saturations as it is something that you should match with your clothes. You have to make sure that the tones are all complementing each other. 

Complement Your Neckline

People often don’t think about how important incorporating your accessories with your neckline is. It is either-or, the goal is not to choose accessories that will overshadow the neckline and vice versa. Choosing the wrong neckline will clash with the accessories and create dissonance. Longer necklines will look best with accessories that aren’t compliant and the opener the neckline is the more complex your accessories can be. 

Define Your Style

Before you choose the accessories that you will go with, you will need to define your style. If you are following a certain aesthetic, make sure that the accessories you are choosing go with that style. When you have a sophisticated style make sure that you are choosing dainty and subtle accessories. But if you are someone who dresses edgy you should choose ones that will go with your style. But if you like to be wild and mix up your styles, have pieces that you can choose from. 

Match Your Skin tone

Another thing that you should keep in mind is your skin tone. There are certain colors that look better on certain skin tones. If you are cool-toned you will look best with gold, silver, and white accessories while those with warm tones look good with greens, oranges, and yellows. But when it comes to neutral skin tones you are blessed with looking amazing in all colors. 

Choose Your Focal Piece

If you are not interested in having multiple accessories, you can focus on the focal points of your accessories. You should always focus on having one focal piece and then adding dainty ones and not making your whole look overwhelming. Another thing that you should do is ensure that all your accent pieces are properly cleaned. One of the best things that you can do is give all of your jewelry ultrasonic cleaning to look perfect. 

Balance is Everything

Just like having a defined style as well as complementing your neckline, having a balanced outfit is the key to looking good. If you are wearing a lot of patterns make sure that you are choosing simple accessories. There is nothing that will complement your bold outfit more than dainty jewelry. That way you won’t overwhelm your outfit and you will make it look better. Always keep the colors and textures in your mind when you are choosing your accessories. 

Learn How to Layer

One of the most popular and best-looking trends is layering. There are so many things that you can layer on to make your outfit look amazing. You can stack on dainty sunflower Puravida Bracelets and rings. Try incorporating different textures and colors that work well together to get a complete outfit. If you have multiple ear piercings you can accomplish the same thing and the same goes with necklaces. 

Mix and Match

If you are not someone who dresses simply, you can always have some fun with mixing and matching. The best way to do it is by mixing different gems, beads as well as charms that work well with each other. The key to mixing is to find accessories that have something in common, it can be anything from the color of it to their style. 

Compliment Your Frame

Not a lot of people know that accessories will look different on different body types, bust sizes as well as heights. Make sure that you are choosing accessories that work well and accent your body. 

With these tips, you can put together outfits that will turn heads every time you wear them. No matter what occasion you’re dressy for, no matter the colors and styles, there’s the perfect piece of jewelry to pair with it. You just have to style it.


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