5 Amazing Reasons That Add to the Popularity of Wireless Networking

Contributed by Oliva Wilson

The importance of networking cannot be ruled out in the field of computer technology. The way in which a bunch of computers are connected to a network, matters a lot. When it comes to networking, the wireless version is definitely the most widely sought after one. Wireless networking certainly opens up tons of possibilities, which is the reason why most of the large organizations prefer wireless form of networking to connect their computers.

It is quite easy to get a single internet shared among numerous computers with the help of wireless form of networking. All you need to do is install a modem, and connect the computers to the network through their Wi-Fi feature. Once connected to the modem, the computers become available on the same network. No doubt, there are numerous reasons that have led to the popularity and success of wireless network. Some of them are mentioned below.


  • Enhanced mobility- When a bunch of computers are connected via wireless network, it becomes possible to access the server from anywhere, as long as the computer is connected to the network. In this way, one can easily access files saved on other computers too. In fact, you can also remote access the printer by connecting it with the network. Synchronization of files become simple, which in turn makes the process of sharing very convenient. This is the reason, why big organizations go with wireless networking, so that sharing of information becomes smoother.
  • Better productivity- When employees are able to access files located on other computers; and share their files with the rest of the employees, the process of communication becomes a lot better. As a result, the employees are able to work in a much better way; they are able to do more work in the same amount of time. In this way, the productivity of the entire workplace increases considerably.

  • Flexibility– It is not necessary that you have to provide a desktop to your each and every employee in a workplace. If they have a laptop or even a tablet, you can allow your employees to connect their device to the network. This trend of “bring your own device” is definitely catching speed. Without any doubt, it becomes convenient for the employees as well, because they feel more comfortable when it comes to performing their tasks on their own devices.
  • Easy expansion– In the case of wired network, quick expansion is really difficult, and it takes a lot of time as well. Suppose the size of your workplace has increased; a few more cubicles have been added. Now, it would take at least a day to provide wired network connection on each cubicle. However, in the case of, this issue does not exist at all. The process of expansion is very swift; all you need to do is create new user names and passwords for your new employees; and, it is done!
  • Cost effective- Wires do cost a lot, and the process of wire installation is also quite expensive. But, in the case of setting up a wireless network, only the initial set up cost is a bit high. The cost of maintenance and expansion is really low when compared to that of a wired network. If you want to boost up the Wi-Fi signal, you need to purchase a Wi-Fi router having more capacity.

So, those were the five major advantages of going with wireless networking. For best experience, it is important to purchase good quality equipment’s. In addition, hiring the right networking professional is crucial too.


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