4 Festive and Sophisticated Decor Ideas You Can’t Miss this Holiday Season

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Holiday decorating is a very personal endeavor. Some might like very minimalistic approaches, while others go overboard and fully embrace their holiday cheer.

As a rule of thumb, social media heavily influences interior design trends (and any trend, to be honest), with TikTok doing some of the heavy lifting in the industry. As per many designers on the platform, beige Christmas is out for this year, and extravagant Christmas is in.

But this doesn’t mean you must throw away your elegant and sophisticated decor in favor of more goofy styles. In fact, it’s possible to be festive and keep it refined and tasteful. Let’s go over five-holiday decor styles to prove it.

All Glass Everything

Although this isn’t a new trend, glass holiday decor will take center stage when it comes to going big but staying elegant. The transparent nature of glass enhances the light coming from your Christmas tree, garlands, and other Christmas fixtures, so your spaces can look brighter while decking the halls with ornate glass decorations.

Mismatched Jewel-Toned Cocktail Glasses

Christmas is an exciting time to get together with loved ones and celebrate. This year, celebrations in general featured cocktails and mocktails served in beautiful glassware with a twist. Kitchens and cocktail bars were filled with colorful and mismatched glasses—a trend that Florence Pugh’s famous cooking sessions might’ve started.

To infuse them with the holiday spirit, you can get these eclectic mismatched glasses in jewel tones, from thin reed highballs to ribbed coupes and other retro glasses—it’s up to you. The gist is to have fun with the colors and intricate shapes without worrying about following a set of rules.

Glass Candle Holders

Glass candle holders can double up as an all-year staple and holiday decor. Tall, slim candle holders, akin to icicles, perfectly complement colorful or metallic centerpieces that evoke a winter wonderland. For a further pop of color, fun-shaped candle holders in fun shapes will make the dining table or adjacent consoles look playful and festive.

Glass Cloche Displays

Glass cloches are some of the most versatile decorations out there. Its translucency helps emphasize whatever object is inside to make it a focal point on your coffee table, kitchen countertop, or room. You can fill it with classic pine cones, the timeless beauty of a set of small books, or go bolder with brass animal decor.

Decked-Out Garlands

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Garlands are a holiday staple and the styles you choose often set the tone for a minimalist or maximalist look. You can use organic pine garlands for a more muted and natural look or carefully select artificial garlands in sleek or Olympia varieties to keep the classic greenery in your holiday decor. And if the subtle class is the look for you, why not pick one that enhances the color palette you already have in your home?

In contrast, if you have a dark handrail, you can take a page from Paris Hilton’s Christmas decorations and go with lush, vibrant white garlands. To add dimension to all-white garlands and a bit of twinkle, wrap around fairy lights of your favorite color to bring out the layers and leaf shapes.

Moreover, finish garlands with ribbons in rich fabrics like velvet and unconventional colors that match the predominant hues in your home’s existing decor. Go for sky blue if your home has more silver decor or burgundy, tan, and gold if your space features more gold and wood.

Fun Blue Touches

Fashion’s 2023 trendiest color is making its way into holiday decor this year. While icy blue Christmas palettes aren’t anything new, quirkier items in blue shades will make for a fun yet sophisticated holiday decor.

For example, you can take inspiration from Amanda Holden’s opulent yet graceful Christmas tree sash. The dark blue satin was a refreshing flash of color on top of her golden decoration and the perfect example of how contrasts attract. Placing a sash across your tree can be dainty, but the color you choose will make all the difference—and blue does the trick to keep it stylish.

If ribbons and bows add sophistication to the tree, chinoiserie-inspired ornaments and blue faux fur patterned throws ooze elegance to revive mantelpieces and furniture. Gentle blues, intricate details and soft textures are the perfect touch for subtle finesse.

Oversized Ornaments

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This doesn’t mean inflatable sets on your lawn, which, admittedly, can be an easy way out. Oversized ornaments are an entertaining twist on average holiday decor with a tinge of grandeur and playfulness. For some ideas, you can go for the surreal sights of magnified mercury ornaments in your yard or room or even occupying half the coffee table.

Another example is oversized jingle balls, which you can put on your doorstep or by your Christmas tree.

The holidays are a time to be lavish with festive decor and arrangements that complement your home. However, fun doesn’t mean giving up stylish decorations. Instead, it’s an opportunity to let your personality shine even more through the holiday cheer, applying vibrant blues, elegant glass fixtures, attractive garlands, and lively oversized decorations.

Guest article contributed by Anna Tatsioni, Lead Interior Designer and Architect at Decorilla

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