Backyard Entertaining: How to Prep Your Patio for Summer Fun

When summer rolls around, parties and get-togethers always move outside. Entertaining in your backyard can be fun for both you and your friends, as long as you’ve taken the right steps to prepare for it. While adding a new grill or a nice set of seats and tables can have a great impact on your patio, you shouln’t underestimate the importance of cleaning, protection and maintenance. Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas can help you get your patio a fresh look and maintain its fun vibes on the long term. Here are four steps you should take to get your patio area ready for spending warm summer nights with friends and neighbors.

Get a New Grill

At any barbecue, the grill is the center of attention. If you’ve had your current grill for several years, it may be time to upgrade. A larger grill will give you the space you need to cook for more guests. More space also means you can cook some sides and appetizers, such as grilled vegetables or shrimp kabobs. With the right grill, you’ll be able to handle almost all food preparation without having to dirty your kitchen.

Provide Nice Seats and Tables

If you plan on entertaining outdoors frequently, it’s worth investing in a good outdoor furniture set for your guests. Some patio chairs, a dining table, a bench and a couple of side tables should provide all the sitting and dining room your guests need to be comfortable. The right set will also lend your patio space a modern and luxurious look. Make sure that the set you pick out matches the space and the look of your home. It’s also important to take size into consideration, since putting too much furniture on a small patio can make it feel cramped.

Consider a Fire Pit

A gas or wood fire pit on your patio is perfect for relaxing after dinner and drinks have been served. Your friends can enjoy watching the fire while conversing, creating a relaxing atmosphere at your parties. A fire pit will also provide extra heat and allow you to keep entertaining into the autumn as the nights get colder.

Install Some Nice Patio Lighting

Thanks to outdoor LEDs, light strings, and other modern light features, it’s now possible to illuminate your outdoor space in style when the sun goes down. Some tasteful patio lighting will help to set the mood for your parties and further accent your outdoor areas. Get creative with your lighting, and you’ll be able to put together something truly unique that will make your patio the official summer gathering place for all your friends and neighbors.

With these four simple upgrades, you’ll have your patio ready for summer fun in no time. Once you have everything in place, you can start planning your parties and inviting your friends over to enjoy a nice dinner. If you’re looking to have a glass of wine during your new upcoming celebrations, has an assortment of wines that will complement any meal. 

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