Restoring Your Floors: Laminate, Hardwood and Deck Flooring

Guest post contributed by Bernard Fisher

Whether you’re looking to restore the floors in your home ready for selling, or just want to revive your old floors to give them a new lease of life, giving your floors some much-needed love will certainly be worth the effort! Has your laminate, hardwood or deck flooring suffered from general wear and tear over the years? Does your flooring require repairing, cleaning or polishing? This article, written by Bernard Fisher at 4Everdeck, will help to guide you through the process of bringing your flooring back to the standard it deserves.
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Restoring the Floors in Your Home

Guest post contributed by John Stuart

Restoring the floors in your home are sometimes easier than you may think. If you plan on renovating your home you probably feel tired already. Yes, it’s an enormous task. But knowledge will make it go faster and easier. If floors are part of the plan use these tips to get you going.
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All You Need to Know About Exposed Concrete Floors

Guest post contributed by Amelie Lawrence

Concrete exposed surface is suitable for all sorts of floors, from domestic to commercial applications. It can tolerate heavy traffic, so it is commonly used for driveways, warehouses and walkways. The appearance of exposed concrete floor depends on the installation method and the materials used. It has a wide range of color, design, and texture variations. Concrete is exposed because of its number of benefits. Exposed concrete is especially ideal for flat surfaces. The topmost portion of the concrete surface is usually unformed, while the lower portion of the concrete surface is molded. To achieve the required texture on the external unformed portion some post-finishing methods are used such as brushing, usage of chemical retarders, etc. But the internal concrete requires polishing to expose aggregate.
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