Adding Texture to Your Home Decor

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Something that often gets forgotten when it comes to home decor is incorporating different textures. When people think of freshly redecorated rooms, they often think of sleek designs and smartly placed pieces of decor or art. While this is a nice approach, it is also a little boring as smooth walls and floors as well as furniture with traditional fabrics lack character. This is where incorporating texture into your home decor comes into play. Adding texture into your next renovation will give the room plenty of visual interest and, when done well, can add value to your property when you choose to sell. Consider the following:

Reclaimed Wood

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A rustic take on home decor is always in and using rescued wood in your living room is a perfect way to not only add texture but achieve that cozy cabin feel. Recycling wood from old barns, houses, or even the shed you never use in your backyard is eco-friendly because you are giving new purpose to old materials, which makes using it even better! You could use rescued wood for your flooring but the most effective use of it would definitely be the accent wall.

It has already been established that accent walls instantly add visual interest just with paint so imagine what a reclaimed wood accent wall could do for your living room! Reclaimed wood is loaded with texture because it has been weathered naturally. There is also a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. No matter what style of rescued wood you go with, it will be sure to tell a story, and all the while you will feel like you are in your own personal cabin in your living room. Don’t forget to paint the rest of your space accordingly once your accent wall is complete to compliment your project even more.

Tile Backsplashes

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Tile backsplashes are an amazing way to give your kitchen or bathroom texture and are an opportunity to have some fun as the options for tile patterns, colors, and shapes are endless. Kitchens and bathrooms are meant to be functional, above all, and tiles will add a touch of style and texture while still leaving the room capable of its intended uses. Both of these rooms are not meant to be cluttered with fussy decor on the walls or counter spaces and tiles will keep things sleek.

Pops of color tend to be very effective in kitchens and bathrooms because they are, usually, painted in a lighter color. Consider a backsplash of turquoise tiles in the bathroom or a sunny yellow in the kitchen for a pop of color that will make your guests smile.

For the Floor

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A simple fix for adding texture to a room is through area rugs if you do not want a carpeted floor. Smartly placed area rugs and runners will warm your space up as well as give you something different to feel beneath your feet. Use thick, plush rugs in spaces designed for relaxation like the living room or bedroom, and more practical choices in the areas that get tread on often.

In Your Decor

Texture can also be incorporated through your furniture and wall art, as well. Think paintings with thick brushstrokes that raise off the canvas, placemats, and blankets, or pieces of furniture with a unique but still comfortable fabric or embroidery. These changes are not as major as, say, an accent wall but are a quick way to add texture to a room.

If you’re feeling bored with your home decor, incorporating texture is a great way to spruce things up. Happy decorating!


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