4 Small Decor Tricks to Personalize Your Apartment 

When you live in an apartment, it can be difficult to find a way to make the place feel like home. You want to feel like it belongs to you, even if it does not. Here are four ideas to make sure your place says you live there. 

Add Vibrant Colors to Your Furniture

When you cannot change the paint colors in your apartment, then personalize what you can. Furniture is a fantastic place to start. Add pops of color to create a theme all your own. With brilliant blues, yellows, or greens, you can design a unique theme that will wow your guests. The best place to start is with your tables and dressers. Then, you can choose what accessories you want to finish up the theme.

Add Wall Hangings

Instead of going for the typical painting, creating something you love will make you feel special every time you walk in the room. Go big to get the most effect. It can be something as simple as a repeating pattern that goes in different directions, or you can blow up your favorite photo. Get creative and take some pictures of the places you like to visit. You can use custom frames to make a wall collage of your favorite photos or even just to create a unique shape to a favorite image.

Use Textures to Create a Fun Space

If you like fluffy things, then create a space that screams fuzziness and happy thoughts. Use rugs on top of other rugs to get a style no one else is using. Use different layers to create a style that is custom to your preferences. Try gluing rope to a lamp or add wallpaper you can remove easily to make a statement. 

Use Carpet Tiles or Peel and Stick Linoleum

Anything you can use and take off later is an excellent medium for personalizing your space. Carpet tiles and linoleum are easy to mix and match. You can use a variety of patterns and solid colors to get a fun design. Cut pieces to make a herringbone or chevron pattern. Try using these items vertically to create an accent wall. It will be the conversation piece at your next party or get together. 

Making your apartment feel comfortable begins with personalizing each room. Whether you glue faux tin panels to the ceiling or find Styrofoam columns, your space will be the place you want to relax every day. If you are a little leery of trying these ideas, then going with a funky couch cover or humongous mirror will do the trick. The goal is to make sure you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door.

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