How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith

Interior design can be expensive to incorporate into your home budget, even if you’re looking to redecorate only one room. There are so many things to consider: carpet or not to carpet; what wall color to choose; should you get new furniture; what about accessories? Purchasing all of these things on a budget can seem impossible, but is it really? If you follow these tips, you’ll get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Create an accent wall

Painting your walls is one of the cheapest updates you can make in your home, but when your budget is tight, even that can bring it to a breaking point. If you want to repaint your whole living room, you might need as much as two cans of paint. If you want to achieve a similar effect, try painting only one accent wall. You’ll only need a quarter of a can, and it’ll have a great impact.
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Creative Ways to Decorate Around Your TV

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith

Chilling in your own bed while wearing pajamas must be one of those most magnificent things you could do on a lazy Sunday morning. If the late 1940s were known as the golden age of television, we can safely say that we now live in the platinum age. All the best TV shows are being produced right now, and they’re available to us at all times thanks to the wonder of modern television.
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10 Easy Hacks for a Simple Yet Well-Designed Bathroom

Guest post contributed by Katie Jones

Planning our dream bathroom always takes time and effort. We always have second thoughts on how to transform it into a wondrous place. The bathroom is where we spend the least time but absorb most of our attention to it.

Our day starts and ends in the bathroom. This is where we get to relax, unwind, release all the stress and problems that we have accumulated over the day. So we should at least give it a fresh and fabulous look. Here are 10 easy and functional hacks that will aid you in conveying a simple yet stylistic bathroom.

1. Transform cold tile floors into a warm one with a do-it-yourself rug.

All you need is a little creativity together with the yarn and non-stick mat. These mats are not only there to add style but for safety as well. Non-stick mats are very useful in preventing falling accidents in wet areas in your bathroom.
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