5 Amazing Accessories for Your Husband

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When it comes to dressing up, men mostly seem to concentrate on shirts and jeans. They never bother about the additional elements that could spruce up their look. It is women who love paying attention to details when it comes to style and fashion. Be it a festive party, an anniversary, or an official conference, every occasion calls for different ways of accessorizing. It is all a tad easier for women, but men seem to either ignore it or go blank. So, impress him with great accessories and see how these add-ons give a complete makeover and make him the perfect man in every outfit. Here are our top 5 choices:


They are the go-to accessory in men’s fashion now. They come in many forms, and you can find the perfect ones for every occasion. The broad metal bands look upscale and elegant. They can be paired with a suit too. They are monochromatic, or you can have a maximum of two colors, silver and copper/gold. You should not choose anything too bright and gaudy. Men prefer their accessories to appear old and worn out. With casual outfits, you have a variety of options. There are rubber-customized bands you can consider from wristband.com that will add flavor to your style. There are simple rope and cord bracelets, leather cuffs, beaded bracelets, cause bands, and magnetic bands with healing and luck properties, such as pixiu braceletsThe men’s bead bracelets look natural. You can stack multiple ones to give a rough edge. The chunky bracelets with metallic loops are a must for the macho-man look. Your husband can wear a thin cord bracelet along with the wristwatch too.  


Your husband may not wear any ring other than the wedding one.  Maybe, it is time to add a new one. The family crest ring or the signet ring on the pinky finger has been a symbol of class and wealth for thousands of years. They will never go out of fashion. Today, they are given as a gift for excellence in work and academics. You can find military officers sporting them. They symbolize professional dedication. You can always go for custom-made ones with lucky gemstones if your husband prefers. If the wedding ring is pure gold and white diamond, then you can go for the black diamond ring too. They are the latest trendsetters in men’s jewelry. Black stands for originality, power, and authority, and men love to be associated with these qualities. These are a great match with formal wear.  

Suit accessories

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If your husband has to wear a well-tailored suit, then there are a whole bunch of accessories that make him look amazing. Ties, bowties, cufflinks, pocket squares: Men may not have the patience to choose the right combination of these stylish add-ons. So, you can help him out. 

Ties and Bowties add a pop of color to your formal attire. You can have broad patterns and a range of hues. The perfect man will also have a tie clip too. 

Bowties are not retro anymore. They come in different hues and prints. Now, men like to wear them even for casual occasions.  

Pocket squares can be colorful or plain. One can match the tie or highlight the shirt’s color with it. If the tie is too bright, one can go for a simple white-colored square also. 

Cufflinks come in many forms. Most people like to keep it simple in silver or golden hues.  But one can have gemstone studded ones or custom-made designs to look profound.


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These are everyone’s favorite accessories, irrespective of gender. They are the best way to compliment any attire and make you look picture-perfect during the daytime. Your husband might already have a pair or two, but will never mind sporting a brand-new one, as per the latest trend. The classy aviators, the Ray Ban’s iconic wayfarer style, are a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. One can always sport a new shade and rock on Instagram. 

Beard Accessories

A beard is something that all men love to style and helps in enhancing their looks. When it comes to beards there are quality beard oil and other accessories available online. 

In fact, beard products became very popular, especially after 2003 when Movember became popular. Having a beard care kit of beard balms, beard butter, and beard shampoos is very important to every bearded man. Don’t save on that – you’ll both enjoy the soft beard.

Leather Jackets

A men’s wardrobe is incomplete without the versatile black leather jacket. They are long-lasting breathable and a symbol of masculinity. One can wear them for both formal and casual looks. They give a youthful and vibrant look instantaneously.  If you live in cold places, then you can have different varieties of jackets rather than sticking to the common black biker blazer. 

Some of the accessories are must-haves, whereas most of them are unique. Your husband might not feel like spending on them. But these small things not only emphasize the overall look but tell a lot about our personality. They let men experiment daily, and kill the boredom of wearing a shirt, pants, and belt. They depict self-love and confidence.  At the same time, one need not splurge on them. One can always try out the low-cost ones to see if the style suits them. Then, invest in high-end items. One need not catch up with the latest trend but must remember that every day, we tell a story to the world through our attire.     


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