10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give This Year

Valentine’s Day is coming sooner than you think. Now’s the time to start planning your present for your significant other to avoid that panicked last minute trip to the store on February 13th. 

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you may be starting to experience “gift-buyer’s block” as you’ve exhausted all the obvious presents over the various birthdays and holidays. It can be tricky to shop for the man or woman who has everything. This year, give your partner a unique gift that they will remember for several Valentine’s Days to come.  

Give the gift of meat and cheese

You can’t go wrong with meat and cheese. And the best part is, the gift keeps giving. By giving your partner a subscription to the Perfect Pair of the Month, you can enjoy two cheeses and two meats or snacks for the months to come.

Give the gift of cooking classes

There’s something inherently romantic about cooking together in the kitchen. However, wouldn’t it be even better if you were actually good at cooking? This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner with a shared couples cooking class. The romance will only increase from there. 

Give the gift of the perfect gift basket

When it comes to Valentine’s gift baskets, there are endless options out there. Find the perfect basket for your loved one this holiday. Whether it’s filled with spa supplies, charcuterie, or chocolate covered pretzels, you can’t choose a bad basket. 

Give the gift of exotic chocolate

Your partner is probably starting to get sick of the same old box of chocolates every year. This year, it’s time to up your chocolate game. Get chocolates filled with ingredients that have been ethically and sustainably sourced from indigenous spices, fruits, and herbs—this year is the year to switch up your chocolate game by choosing exotic truffles. 

Give the gift of the perfect scent

You can never have too many candles. For this Valentine’s Day, choose a candle that reminds your loved one of your favorite memory together. Choose a memory-invoking candle that smells like your partner’s hometown, or a candle that smells like books for your bookworm lover. 

Give the gift of a beef jerky bouquet

It’s not every day that you can buy a bouquet made of beef jerky. You have the option of four flavors for your jerky: original, teriyaki, hot, or mixed. This beef jerky bouquet comes in a pint glass “vase” for your beer-drinking-beef-jerky-loving partner. And hopefully, they’ll let you eat some of the jerky, too. 

Give the gift of the night sky

It doesn’t hurt to get a little sentimental when you choose your Valentine’s Day gift. With modern technology, you can give your partner a glimpse into what the sky looked like on your first date or your anniversary through a personalized print. You can personalize the print of the sky on a significant date to display in your home. 

Give the gift of warm feet

Socks are the perfect gift for anyone. Everybody wears socks. Socks can be the perfect accessory for your partner. Personalize the gift of socks with a specially designed pack of Valentine’s Day socks. Nothing says I love you like socks. 

Give the gift of future adventures

If you and your partner love to spend time outdoors, surprise them with the incentive to visit more national parks together. You can get a national parks scratch off poster to keep track of which parks you have visited together and crossed off your bucket list. 

Give the gift of personalized candy

Candy hearts are overrated. This year, show your partner how much you care by personalizing M&Ms with your name or face on them. Not everyone can say their significant other put their face on candy. 


This year, think outside the box when it comes to showing your special someone how much you love them. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. 

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  1. Great ideas for unique Valentine’s Day gifts! I always struggle to find a gift for my partner, and the beef jerky bouquet would be right up his alley. Love it!

  2. These are fantastic ideas! Nothing is better on Valentine’s Day than a sweet treat or lovely aroma. It’s the best way to set a romantic mood.

  3. I’m obsessed with candles and have been looking for a good brand that is also on the gender neutral/masculine side so my boyfriend won’t mind being gifted something we’ll both enjoy. The ones you recommended from Homesick are perfect.

  4. I love all of these. I think a combination of them would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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