5 Everyday Objects That Are Causing Mold in Your Home

In addition to giving an unappealing look to your home, mold can also prove dangerous for your health. While you might know some of the more obvious places where mold can hide, take a closer look around your house to find less known spots.

Bottles in the Shower

When you take a shower, you probably pick up the bottle of body wash, create a sudsy lather and put the bottle back down. Think about the last time you actually looked at the bottom of the bottle though. Flipping one over could possibly reveal some mold. Make wiping down the bottom of items in the shower part of your regular routine when cleaning the bathroom.

Bathroom Corners

Even if you regularly scrub the bathroom floors and you like to put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling sometimes, you may miss the mold hiding in the corners. Check out places that are difficult to see without focused observation. For example, a corner over the medicine cabinet might be challenging to get a good glance at. Once you’re there, you may notice some mold that needs to be cleaned away. When you call the professionals, you can look into safe asbestos removal too.

Old Food

Most people have a container shoved in the back of the refrigerator that they have long since forgotten about. Perhaps you took leftovers home from a restaurant one night several weeks ago. Mold can certainly start to grow here as well. Don’t forget about items you bought at the grocery store some time ago too. Now may be the time to toss those products.

Wet Towels

At some point in your life, you’ve probably taken wash out of the dryer only to find that it’s still damp. The hope is that you let the clothing or towels dry for some more time, but you may have made a mistake once or twice. A closed cabinet with damp towels in it can certainly be a place where mold grows.

Makeup Brushes

After you wash your makeup brushes, you need to let them air out before putting them back into their storage container. If you put the wet brushes right back in a bag or storage container, you are increasing the chances that these tools will grow old. The thought of using a moldy brush on your face is likely horrifying.


Mold in your home can be both disturbing and dangerous. Know where to look for mold so that you can stop the growth.

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